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until it arrives Luis Miguel flew to Chile, the possible arrival of pigeon hole it’s all a mystery. Although the socialite sailed in Argentina with the Mexico Sol, it is not absolutely certain that it will reach Argentine soil.

However, on August 21, the businesswoman also published her first article in Chile, thus putting an end to the rumors and finally proving that she is staying in our country.

In a note posted on his Instagram Story, pigeon hole It shows a panoramic view of the capital with the song “Wait for me in Paradise” by Lucho Gatica in the background.

Since then, however, no further information has been released about his stay in Chile. Luis Miguel He made no public appearances on the streets of the capital.

Given the circumstances, the question arises: Is Paloma Cuevas still in Chile?

Is Luis Miguel still with Paloma Cuevas?

After the photo was uploaded to his social network, there was no news from him. pigeon hole in chile.but the reporter Cecilia Gutierrez Delivers New Message two days ago.

Sector team member assures Luis Miguel and his partner are infected flu sheet.

«Luis Miguel actually went on the weekend Las Condes Clinican emergency because he was not feeling well. He had pains in his body, chest, throat, and fever. There, he was treated and underwent a chest scan.He promises.

Among other things, they experienced an incident in a trans-Andean country. “Apart from, Paloma and he were not on good terms.They assured the clinic that the hotel they stayed in in Argentina had been cleaned with the liquid that caused the reaction. This is the case of Luis Miguel, whose diagnosis was bronchitis“, indicated Cecilia Gutierrez.

Almost at the end of a series of videos she posted on Instagram, the correspondent mentioned Paloma’s stay in the country.

«I understand, I haven’t checked, he’s alone. His girlfriend Paloma has left. She is with her daughters too, and they are all alone, and she has left and will be alone’ he counted.

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