Will show who is really Kim Kardashian’s


“And you! True Hollywood Story” is a production that is renewed every season to maintain the interest of the public, he said, in an interview with Sarah Mast, executive producer. With 17 seasons and over 500 episodes, and the emissions in 1996, the program has sought to introduce the other story of the famous and celebrities. The new episodes come on every Monday at the Latin america which, as of today, the 17th of February 22:50 pm, E!

Sarah, each and every new season, it’s a long process of assessing what are the issues, and the most famous characters in popular culture: “the E! it was always about the celebrities, but we want to keep it cool.

The new delivery of the program include: Catherine Oxenberg,, I,, I, Frankie the Great, and Kim Kardashian, among others.

Part of the coolness is to present a new side or is unknown to the people. Among the characters that they portray in the new season of the famous Kim Kardashian West: “It’s interesting to her. Many see Kim as a pretty face, but is more of a business model is not only built up a world empire, as an investor, it is shaping up to be a lawyer.

I am very impressed with her, she is a woman who is a lot smarter than most people think. It also changed the face of social networking and television is, in part, caused him to make a series that is a multi-million dollar business”. For this reason, an important objective of the program is “What you see of these celebrities, but you may see a side you haven’t seen before.”

The first time it’s on Kimunder the title “Who is Kim O Westyou ?” and an analysis of their personal relationships, and family He Westthe sisters Kourtney and Kourtney, Scott Disick, Farnaz Farjam Chazan, etc.).

The second part is the “NXIUVM as a self-Help or Sex Cult?”, on the recruitment of women, with the stories of Catherine Oxenberg, Keith Raniere, Barbara Bouchey, and Allison Mack. The series will continue with a “Hip-Hop reject women?”, with a Yo-Yo, Da Brat, MC Lyte and Salt-N-Pepa.

Of course, talent. Sara Mast, executive producer of “E! True Hollywood Story”. FREE

As a producer, Sara, to lead a team, work for each and every event they have: “we Have a team of researchers, writers, and producers for each episode. One in five are looking back to the data, so let’s go with the experts in the field. Each episode is about 4 or 5 months of pre-production. Also, we have confirmed all the information with the string and the font. One challenge has been to reconcile the books: “Each of the characters has their own episode, so it’s very difficult to agendarlos, only to wake up in an interview that it costs a lot of time and effort”.

From the very beginning, “the E! True Hollywood The Story“it has been found that the general public is eager to know the stories behind many of the famous ones, which, according to the experience of the Mast due to the fact that an world famous “this is a version that is aspirational for ourselves, we thought that we could live a life like theirs. It’s like a royalty, to a certain extent, in the United States, it is a version of the world. At the same time, we love to see them fall, but they will also wake up in the morning”.

With nearly 25 years of episodes, “E! True Hollywood The Story“it is a record of the celebrities and their professional and private lives, they do not always come to fruition. Sarah commented that one of the factors that are most important to you that there is a race effect on the business of entertainment: “we survive on the reputation that it holds that there is a balance. At the time, to be a narcissist to use his fame to help others. These are the ones who understand it well, the fame isn’t about them. A lot of artists turn away from the culture of the tabloid press, perhaps this is a way to deal with the situation,” she adds.