Will Smith called the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike a “turning point” in Hollywood.

Deadshot Will Smith

As the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes continue, the current legend Will Smith she took to social media to explain why the strike is so important. In a rare social media appearance, the actor shared a lengthy statement about the strike. In the caption to his photo on Acting Studio Los Angeles Smith spoke about the strikes. The veteran artist called them “decisive momentin your profession. Will Smith he also praised the actor and teacher Aaron SpeiserWhat Will Smith he called his “mentor”.

I want to talk for a second about acting.Smith wrote in his post. “WITHAs some of you may have heard, my guild (SAG-AFTRA) is on strike along with our fellow WGA writers. This is a defining moment for our profession. 33 years into my acting career and there are still days when I feel like that little Philadelphia kid on loan, even though I know I’ve been extraordinarily blessed and happy to have been an actor all along.

Comments Will Smith they come as more and more actors use their profile to rally support for ongoing strikes. Recently, Bryan Cranston took to the streets of New York to call for Disney CEO Bob Iger. Dwayne Johnson also made his voice heard with a large donation to the SAG-AFTRA aid fund, while other contributors such as Tom Cruise before the strike, they tried to lobby the AMPTP (Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance).

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