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Will Smith could arrive tomorrow August 29 at Fortnite

According to a report, it appears that the character of Will Smith from Bad Boys, Mike Lowry, will hit Fortnite. The news comes from a reliable Fortnite source, HYPEX, who shared images of the character and mentioned that it could possibly be released tomorrow, August 29.

HYPEX had shared images of the character last week, but no release date was mentioned. According to him, the ad copy for the merchandise store reads: “The detective who speaks harshly and is prepared for anything. When the streets get tough, you’ll want Mike at your back. Check out Mike Lowrey in the Item Shop now!“.

The Mike Lowry of Fortnite seems like a very good version of the Bad Boys character. He has the iconic French beard and earring on his left ear, along with the gray T-shirt and black pants that Lowry wore in the movies. As for the rear, it carries what looks like an ammo pouch on its back, along with an SMG strapped to it and handcuffs hanging off the side. The character model also carries two pistols, one holstered under his left arm and one in his lower back.

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Mike Lowry is one of the many iconic movie characters that Epic Games has introduced in FortniteEither as part of movie promotion deals or just for the sake of it. As far as we know, there isn’t a new Bad Boys movie on the way, so it seems like this one falls into the latter category.

Unsurprisingly, Marvel’s Shang-Chi could be the next major film collaboration deal for Fortnite. HYPEX has revealed that a Shang-Chi skin will be added to the game on September 2. Another Fortnite source, Shiina, revealed that the files called ‘SeesawSea’ and ‘SeeSawFuzzy’, which likely refer to King Shark and Weasel from The Suicide Squad respectively, were found through data mining.

And to make things even weirder, HYPEX previously revealed that Morty would also be arriving in the game, wearing a mechanical suit similar to the one Snowball wore in the Lawnmower Dog episode. His rear gear is a backpack with a Meseeks box, while his pickaxe is the snake he tried to send into space in Rattlestar Ricklactica.

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