Will Smith forgets slap and breaks silence on actors’ strike

Will Smith intervened in actors’ strike Hollywood Union SAG-AFTRAwhich has more than 160,000 members and subscribers and paralyzes the film industry, seriously threatening the balance even for months and possibly years to come.

Smith took to social media with the following words:

As some of you may have heard, my SAG-AFTRA guild is on strike along with our fellow WGA writers. (Writers Guild Award, ed.)», Smith wrote on Instagram and Twitter. “This is a defining moment for our profession.»added the star, a longtime union member but rarely spoken out on political issues in the past.

Among the many comments in response to Smith’s post, the nonprofit SAG-AFTRA Foundation quickly responded: “Thanks for your support Will!“. Meanwhile, Sony has announced that Bad Boys 4 will release in the US on June 14, 2024, which is next year’s Father’s Day weekend. For now, Smith appears to have left behind the slap on Chris Rock that was delivered on March 27, 2022 onstage at the Academy Awards.

actors’ strike, announced on July 14, throws major film and television productions into chaos, which are already in a difficult position due to the writers’ strike that has been going on since May last year. The coordination of the protest, as already mentioned, of the SAG-AFTRA trade union (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), which represents over 160,000 actors, apparently in coordination with the WGA (Writers Guild of America).

The decision, taken after four weeks of fruitless negotiations withAMPTP extension (X), head of film and television studios. Growing concerns aboutgrowth of streaming platforms and content created with artificial intelligence.

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