Will Smith is not satisfied with ‘I am Legend’

Will Smith has stated that the box office record of I’m legend on 2007 never satisfied him. Despite the success of the adaptation of the novel by Richard Matheson, in which Smith played Robert Neville In his fight against a plague that wipes out almost all of humanity and turns the survivors into monsters, he has not finished making his peace with the film. The film was the best non-Christmas movie release in December, grossing more than $ 585 million in its final worldwide commercial run. Now, Years later, he remembers through an interview what went wrong in his version of the classic of science fiction and horror literature.

A controversial adaptation

Before getting into the matter, in the original ending, Smith’s character sacrificed himself to allow Anna (Alice Braga) and Ethan (Charlie Tahan) to escape with the newly discovered cure for the disease, granting humanity a second chance. Nevertheless, the ending that was originally filmed for I’m legend and that made it to DVD and Blu-ray introduced us to Neville survive to the final encounter with the besieging monsters and learn a valuable lesson in doing so. For years, viewers and producers have debated which was better and more interesting. Smith is clear about it and in an interview on the Apple TV + program, Oprah on The Oprah Conversation, the actor says he was not satisfied with the Record opening of $ 77 million and who thinks they did not meet the expectations of the fans.

I'm Legend Smith

“Well, when they told me that we had broken records I was excited for about 30 seconds”, Explain. Then the actor began to ramble and think that he believed they had lost $ 80 million. Producer James Lassiter replied that he did not understand the reasons for his negativity. Smith believes the ending shown in theaters detracted from him. “In the end we raised 77, If we had adjusted the ending, could we have accomplished more?“continues the protagonist.” I wanted the ending to be more similar to that of Gladiator“He recalls. Producer James Lassiter failed to understand the criticism Smith, even going so far as to hang up on him in the middle of the conversation. Now he thinks that he was an idiot in those days and that as the years went by he realized that they could have approached the film and its success in a different way.

Smith believes they failed to round out the adaptation of I Am Legend

I’m legend It was a hit in theaters and for years a sequel was expected. However, the ending of the film adaptation in which the main character died sacrificing himself for humanity was always a problem. Smith would later star in many more blockbuster movies, being Aladdin of 2019, which grossed 1 billion at the world box office, one of the most important. Smith will appear soon in King richard, a biography of the Williams sisters, two of the greatest tennis players of all time. The film will be released in theaters in the United States and on HBO Max on November 19.

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