Will Smith over a year after Oscars: ‘You have to forgive him’

Will Smith with a statuette before the scandalous episode with a slap in the face
Will Smith with statuette shortly before controversial slapping episode – Photo by ANSA (VelvetMusic.it)

More than a year after the sensational slap that rocked the stage on the night of the 2022 Oscars, we’re talking about Will Smith again.

Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock on Oscar night in 2022 continues to be an element of discussion and controversy.

Oscar Night 2022. Chris RockThe irreverent comedian, known to everyone for his biting and not always correct jokes, makes fun of the hairstyle of Jada Pinkett, wife Will Smith. Who, as many know, had problems with stress alopecia.

Will Smith, embarrassed after being slapped

Will Smith he doesn’t take it well. He comes on stage and slaps someone who was once his friend, one of his writers to another. Embarrassment and discomfort. Because what seemed like a publicity stunt, a fabricated production, actually turned out to be pure and simple reality. Hollywood, extraordinary in creating its myths, just as quickly destroys them. And since then for Will Smith the world was no more.

Will Smith hits Chris Rock from behind on the Oscars stage
Will Smith hits Chris Rock from behind at the Oscars night stage – Photo by ANSA (VelvetMusic.it)

Actor Hitch AND Independence Day, an artist who established himself as a rapper and sold millions of records was banned, banned from any official activities that touched the world of cinema or entertainment. Despite several public apologies, still Will SmithThe 54-year-old man lived for several months after the crime extremely modestly, avoiding public outings and almost always remaining collected at his family villa. However, for several days now, the tone of voice of people close to the actor, asking for a final pardon, has been rising.

This is Mr Williams, King Richard

Among them is the voice Richard Williamsfather Venus and Serena Williams what’s up with Will Smith he has been involved in the making of the biopic for a long time “King Richard” which chronicles the origins and success of two prominent world tennis champions. Extraordinary success, which cost Oscar To Will Smith as the best lead actor. In addition to golden globe and many other awards.

Will Smith remorseful after an episode for which he was harshly condemned by critics
Smith repents after episode for which he was heavily criticized – ANSA Credits (VelvetMusic.it) condemned by critics

Williams81 years old, during a long interview in the morning edition good morning britainhe hoped that it would be possible to achieve a true and sincere forgiveness of his friend. Will Smithalso participated as a film producer.

“Who in his place would not react?”

These are the words Richard Williams. “No one says I have succeeded and I am always convinced that violence is never the answer. However…. Let’s face it. Let’s put ourselves in his place. Who will keep cool? who could laugh at these phrases? We have to decide which side to take: integration and political correctness are being sought very persistently. And then the reaction of Will Smith should be understood, especially since those phrases spoken on such a stage with such resonance had a devastating effect on him as a man and head of the family. in general, I think he did what he had to do. To be honest, I appreciate Mr. Smith.”

The controversy continues

“No one understands Will Smith more than I do. Richard Williams concluded There was a long time in my life when I was under a lot of pressure and made a lot of mistakes. It’s time to forgive and move on.”

However, it seems to be correct Chris Rockdespite numerous and frequent public apologies from Will Smithto declare an incident closed: “Of course it hurt – said the comedian two weeks ago about that slap, – it hurt and still hurts. But I’m not the aggressor, you will never see me cry from Oprah Winfrey … “ – the actor joked, referring to Smith himself, who, a few months before the scandal on the night of Oscar he was touched when he spoke about his relationship with his wife in an interview in the TV presenter’s living room.

Will Smith himself has long stated, in addition to repentance and dissatisfaction with his reaction, that he hopes to soon clarify the situation personally with Chris Roch and … “why not? Maybe even to become friends again…”

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