Will Smith steps away from spotlight to work out after slapping Chris Rock

CSo after a year and a half of painful moments Oscars 2022who slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife, Will Smith has largely stepped away from the spotlight, apologizing in some way.

The actor, who turns 55 on September 25, has found a way to balance his life and professional activities in exercise.

He has been in enviable physical condition thanks to a thorough workout of his body in recent weeks. At the end of August, he used his time in Dubai to run this project. Fitness Also from the rapper.

Smith Posted on his account Instagram In the photo, he is wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, shorts and white running shoes. Additionally, he posted the following message in the description: “I was feeling so confident before running a 5K in Dubai and it was 100°F/38°C! Damn, it almost made me wrinkle, haha.”

Social networks won’t forgive

In the comments section, his followers and users joked about the topic chris rock as follows: “Chris Rock runs better,” “He’s training for the next Grammys,” “How many slaps does he get while running?” and “Damn, imagine Will Smith being popular right now. .”

Will Smith, what awards has he won as an actor?

In 2022, he conquered Oscar Best Actor for his role in “Richard Williams” king richardA film about the father of an American tennis player, Venus and serena williams.For the same role he received golden globe award As the best actor.

Will Smith: Singer Awards

Finally, as an artist he has four Grammy Awards: One for Best Rap Performance (1988), one for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group (1991), and two for Best Solo Rap Performance (1997 and 1998).

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