Will the Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts have season 2 on Netflix?

How many times have we seen a fiction linked to astrology on the screen? Very few. In fact, it is a subject little explored in both series and movies. However, in recent years this discipline has captivated younger generations. And before the boom of the stars, Netflix had the great idea to turn it into a television show. Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts it is already available in the platform’s catalog with great repercussion. Now the question is:will have season 2?

The Italian series revolves around the life of Alice, a production assistant of the sign of Libra. Before the marriage of her ex-partner Carlo, the young woman goes into a major depression, but the entry of a new boss to her job will change not only her professional life, but also her vision of love. On the other hand, her friendship with an astrological guru will take her down truly unthinkable paths.


Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts it’s divided in 6 chapters of approximately 30 minutes and in them he explores Alice’s link with the first signs of the zodiac. That is to say that it goes from Aries to Virgo. Of course, with some you will have more chemistry than with others. It must be remembered that Libra is an air sign that usually has greater compatibility (taking into account only the sun sign of a person) with its companions of the same element, Gemini and Aquarium, and also with the fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius

In this sense, the series has remained unfinished because the other 6 signs have yet to be revealed from Libra to Pisces. On the other hand, Alice’s apparent love interest, Davide, has not yet revealed his zodiac sign and judging by what happened in the chapter of Leo, he could be of this sign. In addition, the type of link he has with the woman who financed the program remains to be revealed. Stars of love and that he appears kissing him in the last episode, causing Alice’s disappointment.

Is season 2 coming?

For all this and because logically the plot has been incomplete, it is very likely that there is season 2, although to generate more mystery the platform could have opted for this strategy of dividing it into two parts. Nevertheless, Netflix He has not yet confirmed or denied the news. Anyway and so that the wait does not become so long you can read the homonymous book of Silvia Zucca, on which the Italian show is based.

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