Will the new film announced by Gal Gadot in the DC Universe be a “soft reboot” and not a third film?

An insider is trying to shed light on the future of Wonder Woman Gal Gadot after an unexpected revelation from the actress.

During their appointment as co-babies DC Studiosone of the first decisions James Gunn AND Peter Safran was completely erased Wonder Woman 3 From Patty Jenkinsblocking its development after some discussions between the director and Warner Bros. executives. discovery.

In a recently published interview, the actress Gal Gadot confirmed his return as amazing woman for the third film, explaining that he also received assurances from James Gunn!

I was invited to a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran, and I quote that they told me: “You are in good hands. We will develop Wonder Woman 3 with you. We love your Wonder Woman and you have nothing to worry about.

However, in the plans announced by Gann, there is no trace of A third film; a prequel series is planned lost heavenwhich will be produced for the streaming platform MAX, and Gunn himself expressed interest in a hypothetical animated series dedicated to the heroine.

Inevitably, this news has caused fans to debate, doubting the actress’s return to this new universe, so insiders (which has proven to be very reliable lately) tried to clarify Gann’s plans:

Wonder Woman 3 was supposed to start this summer with a script by Patty Jenkins that Gal Gadot loved. Jenkins was also set to direct, but James Gunn completely turned down a script that didn’t fit the direction he wanted for Wonder Woman in the DCU. This resulted in Jenkins being no longer involved with the project.

James Gunn, Peter Safran and Gal Gadot will develop a NEW version of Wonder Woman 3 from the ground up (after the strike, of course). In the end, it will no longer be Wonder Woman 3, but a reboot with the same actress. Some of what we saw in other films will remain the same, some will change.

Gunn himself has never turned down an actress return, as the only two actors who won’t be reprising their roles are Henry Cavill AND Ben Affleck.

Here is a list of upcoming DC projects between the main universe and Elseworlds:

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