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Barbie is on its way to becoming summer movieif not for a whole year. He already gives us everything we never knew we needed in life, from the theme song performed by Dua Lipa To John Cena in the form of a water. The star power of this film is truly undeniable and we are already obsessed with it.

In addition to flawless cloth Barbicor which were presented to us during press tours films and viral teasers in which they can be seen arched legs that seem to defy the laws of physics, we seem to be at the mercy of barbie mania for a long time, and we are satisfied with it.

But like all good things, we’re already wondering if we’ll get a second dose of pink dopamine eventually. Barbie 2.

Apart from the rumors circulating on the internet, a few things have been said; and we’re here to find out how likely continuation Barbieincluding everything that Barbie herself said about it.

So we can expect another spectacular foray Greta Gerwig in Barbie World in the future? Here’s everything we know at the moment.

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It will be Barbie 2?

While nothing has been confirmed yet, there is talk of a potential sequel. Barbie.

In a recent interview with Time, Margot Robbie He said, “Things can go in a million different directions from now on, but I think you’re falling into a trap if you’re trying to make a first movie while already planning a sequel.”

It seems to be a good omen…

Second TimeIn addition, Inon Krayts (CEO Mattel) seems enthusiastic about the possibility of making “more Barbie movies”.

Back in November 2022, the film’s director Greta Gerwig stated diversity that it would be “exciting” to see more films Barbie in future.

When asked if the film was the beginning franchise multi-movie, he laughingly replied, “I can’t answer all those questions!” before adding, “I mean, if it was, it would be interesting for sure.”

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