Will there be a sequel to Tom Holland’s movie?

An Uncharted producer has shared some promising information with fans of Nathan Drake about a possible sequel to the film.

Film producer unknown (2022) said it was considering a follow-up. The film, starring Tom Holland, is based on the acclaimed Naughty Dog video game series about the adventures of treasure hunter Nathan Drake.

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed producer Charles Roven, who has a long career behind him making big-budget films like Christopher Nolan and DCEU films. During the interview he was asked if he would be interested in making a sequel unknowngiven its success at the box office.

“Oh, of course you do!”Rowan replied. “We had a lot of fun with this film. The fans liked it, and even people who didn’t know anything about the game liked it. So we definitely want to do another one.”.

unknown will be released in theaters in February 2022 from the director Zombieland AND Venom Ruben Fleischer. Faithful to action games from developers Naughty Dog, the film follows adventurer Nathan Drake, descendant of Sir Francis Drake. The film, however, tells a predominantly original story, breaking away from the source material, telling part of Nathan’s life, but not missing various quotes and references to the video game saga, such as some action scenes filmed verbatim (such as the one aboard the plane).

Franchise unknown dates back to 2007 when the game Uncharted: Drake’s Luck was released on the PlayStation 3. The main series currently consists of four games, although several spin-offs and expansions have also been released. Each game follows the adventures of Nathan Drake as he searches for treasure and fights bad guys like the other heroes he’s obviously inspired by (did someone say Indiana Jones?). Behind the franchise is current Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann, who also created another hit series for the studio, Last of us. A PlayStation 5 compilation of all the games in the franchise was released in 2022, but Naughty Dog says that, at least for now, she and Nathan Drake are done.

A sequel to the film has yet to be announced, though another major Naughty Dog adaptation, the HBO series Last of us, was a huge success. A second season is currently in the works, again under showrunner Craig Mazin. We currently don’t have a release date as the production was delayed due to the strikes in Hollywood.

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