William Bonner surprise, and to break the Protocol, for the first time as a journalist in the BUILDING


William Bonner
William Bonner’s comments on his debut as a journalist in the BUILDING. (Image: Play/ Globe)

William Bonner was surprised when it was cut Ana Paula Araujoduring the The Journal Of The Nationalthis is the second show (6) that for a specific reason. The Moderator wanted me to.a warm welcome to the new Director of the weather in the local news

“The smoke from the fires in Australia, it came to Brazil. When you bring up the details for us, from São Paulo, is the Anne Lottermann. Hello, Anne,”said the presenter, who is replacing Colleen Vasconcellos is, before being cut off by the reporter.

By the way, let me interrupt. To give I a warm welcome to Anne Lottermann. Until the other day, he was sitting here, on the right side [do estúdio] the staff of the editorial board of Rio de Janeiro and now it is there. This is my first and NOW with you…. Welcome“ shot the Beatles, break the Protocol (in the news).

The replacement of the maju expressway, Coutinho on the map of the time, the BUILDING responds in a simple way: “Hey, Bonner, ” good night to you…. Thank you for the welcome. Good evening to you too, Ana”,.

Although it was her first contact with William Bonner in the air, and with the arrival of Anne Lottermann happened in the last day, the 30. December, at the call of the special new Year’s eve. At the time, the news led to Ana Paula Araujo and Rodrigo Bocardi.

Presenter of the weather forecast on the local tv news of Rio de Janeiro, Frank Lottermann has been cast in the news of the most watched in the country in September.

The announcement was made on 30. In June, shortly after the opening of maju expressway, such as the anchor, the newspaper of Today, via an e-mail from the Director of the journalism of the world, Ali, Ali. The statement noted the premiere after the end of the school year, the children of Anne and of his move to Sao Paulo.

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