William Friedkin, director of one of the greatest works of horror cinema

Reagan is a twelve-year-old girl who is a victim of the paranormal. Terrified, his mother went to a priest who studied psychiatry. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

acclaimed director William FriedkinThe Oscar winner responsible for the iconic horror film exorcist (The Exorcist), On August 7, he died in Los Angeles of heart complications and pneumonia at the age of 87.His wife, filmmaker Shirley Lansing, confirmed his death fatal attraction. Friedkin began his career on television in the 1960s, but marked his career on the big screen with the 1973 film premiere.

made of Linda BlairStarring Ellen Burstyn and Jason Miller, the high-stakes feature film, based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, caused massive upheaval around the world and is considered by many to be the biggest Hollywood movie ever. One of the works of horror. But the story behind its creation has become a legend, remembered even more than the plot itself depicted in the novel.

William Friedkin: The genius behind ‘The Exorcist’ and his unforgettable legacy. (Alexandra Tarantino)

exorcist Rumors of curses and misfortunes clouded it, from the fire that devastated the filming set (with the exception of Reagan’s room), to a series of injuries and deaths affecting cast and crew. These unfortunate events, combined with Friedkin’s tense directing style, where he even shot and beat actors in order to get an honest reaction on set, contribute to the tense and mysterious atmosphere of the film.

After the film was released, it caused unprecedented repercussions among the public. There were reports that some viewers passed out and vomited in the movie theater. The film was widely acclaimed for its artistic achievement and controversy in the 1970s. The Warner Bros. studio behind its release capitalized on the controversy, furthering its notoriety and translating the success into an impressive box office total. ($193 million) with a budget of just 12 million.

The Curse of Hollywood and the Mystery of the 1973 Filmmaking Process. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Despite the tragedies allegedly associated with its production, it changed the game forever. There’s nothing more extreme in the horror genre, and now it opens the door to the possibility of creating limitless horror scenarios. Years after its premiere, it’s still talked about, and like the “Cursed” films, accidents and mishaps surrounding the set have been the subject of speculation and scrutiny by experts.

William Friedkin He’s always defended his vision and his approach to film development.Also, it left its mark on many other previous games, such as the thriller French contact (1971) plays like this boys in the band (1970).However, he is mostly remembered for exorcisthis masterpiece, is also the most outstanding work in his film history.

The Exorcist changed the horror genre in cinema forever. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

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