William, Leonor and other famous royal lefties

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Devil’s hand. This is what the left hand was called in European religious tradition. It was the hand of the inverted, the appendage of heresy and apostasy.

Fortunately, over time it became clear that no, left-handed people have no connection with Satan. This is simply a tendency that develops, according to some studies, even when the fetus is in the womb and the spinal cord is not yet connected to the cerebral cortex. For unknown reasons.

In short, lefties have always been and always will be. This is a law of nature, the difference is that today those who write with their left hand are no longer forced to become right-handed. “Fortunately,” we’ll add.

Prince William at Eton with his mother Diana and father Charles on his first day at college, busy signing registration papers (Getty photo)

Prince William at Eton in 1997 with mother Diana and father Charles on his first day at college, busy signing the register (Getty photo)

Famous lefties, even among royalty

History boasts many prominent left-handers. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, Albert Einstein. In more recent times, Barack Obama and Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Ringo Starr, Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga.

There is no shortage of lefties even in the royal world. Past or future rulers who used or predominantly use the left hand.

Most famous? Prince William, always left-handed. In his first official statement – this was in 1991 – he showed the world that he preferred to sign documents with his left hand. A choice he confirmed 6 years later in 1997 when he was immortalized signing the register on his first day at Eton with the same hand.

But King Charles’s son is not the only left-hander living in the royal palaces. For example, in the Spanish court there is Princess Leonor, daughter of King Philip and Queen Letizia. Photos taken in mid-August at the military academy went around the world. Not only because it is clear evidence of the beginning of a new life for the future Queen of Spain, but also because it is proof of her penchant for writing with her left hand.

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From William to Leonora, the Queen Mother to Sophie of Edinburgh, discover the most famous left-handed royals of yesterday and today in this gallery.


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