Winamp is back, the iconic music player that stopped working in 2013

Created more than 24 years ago, Winamp It was during a good part of the Internet’s beginnings the main music service that allowed users to listen to their favorite artists. It not only allowed the possibility of playing discs but also creating lists with songs downloaded from the web.

With an easy-to-use interface, it quickly became the most widely used player, with which you could also modify the sound equalization. However, the purchase of the founding company Nullsoft by AOL, subsequent changes and the emergence of new services and alternative ways of listening to music led to its closure in 2013.

From then until now a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Is that in 2014 the Belgian company Radionomy she became the owner of Winamp and began a period of renewal and return that has not happened so far. Even in 2018 the company itself had confirmed the return of the service, something that happened at that time, nor later.

Although the web has not yet detailed how the service will be or when it will be launched, the company will seek to position itself within the category that currently has music giants such as Spotify and iTunes, among others.

Unlike in 2018, the announcement of a return soon released recently by Radionomy it has a stronger foundation. Is that the company currently offers the possibility to join a list to test the beta version, which would give the impression of having the service soon to come out.

“For artists and audio creators, our goal is to give them control over their content. We will help you connect closely with your fans and earn fairer income doing what you love. Solo performer, band, or label? Sign up now to receive updates on the new Winamp and how to launch your music to a whole new audience, “reads the company’s website.

The return of the iconic player could be an important bet on the part of the company to attract the old public that knew how to accompany it from 1997 to 2013. Although the context changed and the music market has established players such as Spotify or iTunes, always there may be room for an old – and rejuvenated – acquaintance.

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