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Windows 11 has discovered a hidden 3D effect that only activates on select devices

At the presentation of Windows 11, developers announced not all the innovations that appeared in the first preliminary version of the system for developers. One such new option that was not known about is the parallax effect on the lock screen. It works only on devices with an accelerometer – a sensor that determines the angle of the device relative to the earth’s surface.

As a rule, only tablets (or other devices with a touch screen, such as convertible laptops) are equipped with an accelerometer, so you won’t be able to see this 3D effect on a regular computer. Moreover, in the first beta build of Windows 11, the parallax effect switch is hidden – it is in the system settings, but without any signatures.

Recall that the parallax effect itself is already familiar to many people – for example, it appeared in iOS 7 and still remains in the system. But Microsoft started developing it for Windows only in December 2020, judging by the mentions in the insider assemblies.

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