Winter: More than just flu and colds.Other diseases we must prevent

On June 21, winter officially begins. During the coldest season of the year, the risk of illness is greater due to low temperatures. Therefore, it is important to know its symptoms and treatments. While most are curable with simple treatments and start like the common cold, serious complications can develop if left untreated.

  • pharyngitis: One of the most common diagnoses these months. It is an inflammation of the pharynx, or throat, characterized by redness of the area. What is the cause of severe pain and discomfort when swallowing. It can be caused by a virus or bacteria, and if it’s strep, it’s likely to be accompanied by a fever.

It is advisable not to expose yourself to sudden changes in temperature and, if possible, to avoid direct contact with people with colds and crowds; especially with this disease, you must cover the throat and neck area with scarves and handkerchiefs to protect we are protected from the cold”, advises Dr. Renato Balbontín, bronchopulmonary surgeon at the Clínica Núcleo Salud.

In addition, public health experts offer some measures to relieve discomfort and inflammation, such as, “drink honey with lemon juice, or use propolis or menthol sprayIn addition, it is advisable to consume more fluids than usual, if possible.

  • bronchitis: Bronchial inflammation is another disease we often hear about in winter. Patients with this disorder experience a persistent dry cough, chest pain, and sometimes shortness of breath. For smokers, the advice is to quit smoking.

Generally, bronchitis is viral and its treatment is aimed at reducing symptoms. In this sense, Dr. Luis Marín, pediatrician at Clínica Núcleo Salud, explains the treatment of this disease:
Depending on the age of the patient, paracetamol or ibuprofen may be used to reduce the fever, and some corticosteroids may be used to reduce airway inflammation.“In addition, it is recommended to rest the body and avoid sudden changes in temperature, so as not to aggravate the condition.

Antibiotics are used only in certain cases, when there is a superinfection

  • pneumonia: It starts after a flu or viral process. It can become a very serious disease and even lead to death. For some of the bacteria that cause this disease, there are vaccines that can be given in the first few months of life. “From a respiratory point of view, this is the most serious lung disease.“ commented Dr. Luis Marín, Pediatrician at Clínica Núcleo Salud. Without exclusiveness, Some of its symptoms are chest pain and fever with chills.Like the other diseases mentioned, it can start after nasopharyngitis (common cold), so It is recommended to pay attention to the symptoms and consult a specialist for timely and effective treatment.

General advice:

Frequent hand washing and physical distancing, especially when we share it with someone who has already been diagnosed with a respiratory illness, can make a difference when we talk about winter infections. This has increased the use of masks, which are again mandatory in all schools in the country.

It should be remembered that it is always important to be vigilant for certain health conditions and symptoms such as body temperature; anything above 37.5°C may be a warning sign requiring a visit to a specialist.

Furthermore, the pediatrician of the Clínica Núcleo Salud insists on avoiding crowded places. “At this time, it is best to keep calm at home, avoid gatherings, and stay away from people who have a cold“.

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