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With a ‘out of the box’ ecosystem, does Polkadot have a shot in the $ 250- $ 350 range?

Lunar, the eighth largest token has been on the rise for a while. Steady development and strong fundamentals contributed significantly to a rally to a new all-time high ($ 49.80). Consider this chart: the DOT is up 356% to date.

Meanwhile, the flagship token witnessed a 256% recovery in the last 56 days, according to Trading View. Although the token, at press time, is trading just below the $ 37 mark (almost 23% less than its ATH); different analysts remain optimistic.

For example, crypto analyst Lark Davis took to Twitter to shed light on his optimism. in a series of tweetsHe explained his views to himself. He said,

“The DOT ecosystem is massive and growing all the time, although enthusiasm has waned a bit with the rise of BSC, Polygon, Terra and Solana, which are now in production. BUT, DOT has some really good developers creating really powerful products at DOT. It has an ecosystem ready to go. “

Let’s dive deeper into it, DOT does indeed have a huge but growing ecosystem.

Source: Twitter

Furthermore, the Polkadot ecosystem has grown steadily. On September 8, SubQuery, a decentralized data aggregator, raised $ 9 million to build Polkadot’s first data aggregation layer. As an example of this integration, Moonbeam parachain had tokens built in the Polkadot development tool (Substrate). These tokens can be sent to Ethereum wallets and smart contract addresses.

Most held asset

In addition to this, Polkadot accumulated some positive records even for different parameters. Like the average activities of developers in the last month. Furthermore, it is also the most commonly held asset in the portfolios of crypto companies and hedge funds.

With so much development happening within the Polkadot ecosystem, could it outperform its previous ATH? Well Lark Davis certainly it remains positive about it.

Other analysts have also maintained a bullish sentiment regarding the DOT. Previously, pseudonymous analyst “Altcoin Sherpa” had this to say about the recent DOT price action.

And finally, Michaël van de Poppe pointed out that he could see $ DOT reaching $ 250 to $ 350, at the peak of the current bull cycle.

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