With Aaron Rodgers injured, is Tom Brady a real option for the New York Jets?

tThere’s a lot of optimism around new york jets Sentiment gradually turns pessimistic ahead of 2023 NFL season Aaron Rodgers He suffered a suspected Achilles tendon injury in the season opener against the team. buffalo bill.

After running onto the MetLife Stadium field with an American flag, the game was played on the anniversary of 9/11, rogers Appearing in his first official snap wearing a uniform that doesn’t belong to him green bayof.

Aaron Rodgers injured

However, when disaster strikes rogers It only lasted four games.He was tackled by a defender Leon Freud and suffered an injury on the turf that resulted in the veteran being sent off.

Olivia Dunn and Tom Brady could be ManningCast’s new hostsJohnson Parker

The biggest concern for a franchise that has won just one Super Bowl in more than 54 years is that its rising star will miss the entire season with a torn Achilles tendon.

According to multiple media and head coach reports. Robert SalehAccording to his own account, this could be confirmed by an MRI on Tuesday morning.

Can the New York Jets sign Tom Brady?

Yes rogers is out, the new starting quarterback will be Zach WilsonUnless he jet Take action.

There’s still time to sign another starting quarterback, and since this is a win-now roster, they might consider it.

tom bradyThe all-time owner of seven Super Bowl rings was honored during Week 1 at Gillette Stadium new england patriots and philadelphia eaglesAnnounced his retirement during the offseason.

But rumors have been circulating for a long time Brady Want another chance to play in the Super Bowl.

“he jet should call tom brady“That’s what ESPN analysts are recommending. Sergio Diep presented Monday night.

This might seem crazy considering the rivalry between the two jet and patriots It’s been years, but this team is content with championships for now.

So on Tuesday many fans were wondering if Brady wearing green New York Maybe this isn’t such a crazy idea after all.

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