“With all due respect to Carlos Bianchi, for me Marcelo Gallardo fully surpasses him because players took him out all the time,” said Nelson ‘Pipino’ Cuevas

River Plate champion of the Professional League Tournament 2021. After seven years without being able to achieve it, the Millionaire returned to conquer a title in the local League. However, throughout this time he grew tired of winning international championships at the hand of Marcelo gallardo.

Many compare the Doll with what he did Charlie Bianchi on Mouth, beyond that the Viceroy twice won the Cup Intercontinental and one Libertadores Cup more than DT of River.

Nelson ‘Pipino’ Cuevas, a former Millo player, joined the game and chose Gallardo. “With all due respect to Charlie Bianchi, for me Gallant it fully surpasses it. Because if you you take out to Bianchi all idols like Riquelme or Palermo when he headed to see what he does. TO Marcelo they took out players all the time “, said the Paraguayan in How Do You Go on Radio Colonia.

And he added: “As a fan of River I would like that Marcelo will stay, but I understand that he has objectives, wants to direct a world, a coach fulfills processes and sets new goals “.

“I would love for you to direct me Marcelo, he makes a difference, he is good people, good human being, he greets all the players. Do you think that Ramon Diaz shook hands with all the footballers? No, that did not do it “, completed caves.

Along the same lines, ‘Pipino’ declared: “A Marcelo (Gallant) the players change him and he continues to maintain that level, he is like a magician. He is the most decisive person in Argentine football in recent years. I have a lot of respect for Labrunabut what he did Marcelo in recent years, very few can do it. “

Finally, he remembered his goal to Racing that gave a title to River in 2002. “I am very happy at the moment of River and it brings back many memories because he was consecrated with the same rival that I consecrated myself with that so important goal, “he concluded.

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