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Your name would be very unfamiliar to some, but the career of Ana de Armas has been advanced making gradually break into the competitive world of acting. Not in vain, he got his first nomination for the Golden Globe by the year 2020 in the category best actress in a musical or comedy for Knives Out (Between knives and secrets). It was practically the topping, although his filmography began in 2006.

Ana Celia de Armas Case is cuban, is 31 years old (will comply 32 in April). At the age of 14 he began his studies at the National Theatre School of Havana, where he graduated. At the age of 16 he made his first film, A rose of France (2006), the Spanish Manuel Gutierrez Aragon. Moved from Cuba to Madrid when he was 18 years old, it did when it legally could. What prompted this trip was also for the purpose of obtaining the Spanish citizenship because his maternal grandparents are from Spain.

Ana de Armas as a Dove in the new installment of the movie of the agent 007, which will have its world premiere in November of this year.

Some titles came from his move to Spanish lands, where he continued his film career appearing in films such as the controversial Lies and fat (2009), The alley (2011), Hands of stone (2016), among others. On television he acted in the successful Spanish series The internship, in which it was between 2007 and 2010. In 2014 he moved to Los Angeles, after her divorce with the Catalan actor Marc Clotet, whom he had married in 2011. “Moving to Los Angeles was difficult. I had a career in Spain, and you have to forget your ego. I no longer was a nobody,” says the actress in the portal IMDB.

In just four months he learned to speak English. In an interview to Vanity Fair he commented that he did so in a classroom that received seven hours a day of learning. “People ask me: ‘How did you learn English so fast?’. I simply replied that it depended on my life”.

When Ana he barely spoke English he dared to shoot his first film in that language, Toc Toc.

Since then, without haste but without pause, the actress hispanic-cuban has appeared in films alongside stars like in Toc Toc (2015) and The daughter of God (2016), in which she shared roles with Keanu Reeves; or Blade Runner 2049 (2017), with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. This year it will host another group of tapes, among them, No time to diethe new delivery of the saga of agent 007, together with Daniel Craig (already worked together in Knives Out), which makes the new Bond girl.

So, Ana is in addition to the select group of latina women who are part of the world Bond: Barbara Carrera in Never say never (1983), Talisa Soto in License to kill (1989) and Stephanie Sigman in Spectre (2015). And in the movie directed by american Cary Joji Fukunaga, Arms embodying a Dove, a role for which there has been a lot of discussion about the way in which it would represent to this character after the virulent #MeToo (movement against sexual assaults of women).

In his character of Happiness Churches in the Hands of stone.

According to statements in various media, Anna is against the stereotype of Latin women tax in the cinema, especially the Hollywood. “I don’t want to make castings for the Juanas and Marias. I want to do the same castings the other actresses. It is not that she refused to do of Latin. I’m cuban, and proud to be one, and I will make Latin the whole of life because it is what I represent. What rejection are the roles of Latin that they have nothing to contribute, and highlight features that are not necessarily representing the latino community. Not all are thieves, prostitutes, or maids. Are roles really limited and that is what I do not accept: when the character has nothing positive, that paint another picture of us,” he said on one occasion to the magazine ICON of The Country.

Recalling her roles in some movies, Ana makes it clear that his role of a Bond girl should not get her away from everything she has fought in his career. “Obviously, I was jumping all over the place and very excited when I got the news. But I had to make sure that wouldn’t jeopardize all the work he had been doing, that not ruin everything. And women Bond have always been, at least for me, irrelevant,” he said in Vanity Fair.

Isabel is a girl haunted by ghosts. Ana de Armas as Isabel De la Cruz on The daughter of God.

The details on the Pigeon are kept in secret until the time, even more after the announcement of the change of release date would be in April, but by the pandemic because of the coronavirus, went to next November. But anyway, in conversations with The Los Angeles Timesthe actress has revealed that her character is not a typical Bond girl, that is to say, a damsel in distress or a femme fatale. “I would not say that it is ordinary, because when you need to perform your work, what does, says what he feels, but is also nervous and afraid. That makes it all the more human. In the end, it is another step for women towards a position more powerful and strong in the movies”.

In this way, Daniel Craig will find yourself surrounded by a group of prominent women in their fifth and last appearance as 007. They are seydoux (Madeleine Swann), Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) and Lashana Lynch (the new 007 of MI-6).

In the movie number 25, Bond, the agent retired 007 who now lives in Jamaica, but when an old friend of the CIA invites him to find a missing scientist in Cuba, he meets two women: Paloma, who is in charge of assisting Bond in his mission, and to Nomi (Lynch), a mysterious woman who turns out to be an agent. “There have been incredible women Bond, but note that there is change occurring. Our producers understand what this is the situation in the world and what needs to be changed. Are aware of how many people follow this franchise. Have had it in mind without straying from the core and essence of what a James Bond movie: that fantasy and glamour,” said Arms.

Current partner

It is public that she and Ben Affleck are a couple. On his recent trip to Havana, where she owns a house, they did enjoy a short vacation after the filming of Deep Water, in which Affleck and Weapons are the protagonists. On the tape, based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith, Anna and Ben interpreted the marriage Van Allen, a couple open in which Melinda (Arms) have different lovers, with the knowledge and consent of her husband, who seeks to avoid the divorce. However, the situation is complicated when he, Vic (Affleck), becomes the main suspect of the disappearance of these men.

“I have great friends, and here (in Havana), I do amazing things have happened, but the style of life, the exposure and business situations constants are not for me. I like to talk about life, art, pets and children. Acting is what I love to do, but I can’t talk about just this all the time,” said the actress.

In the full shoot of Blonde, Ana embodies Marilyn Monroe.

So, as has been reinventing the Bond girl, Ana de Armas is conquering Hollywood, since soon we will see also in the biography Blonde, which embodies the legend of Marilyn Monroe, in a film by the new zealander Andrew Dominik, who also directed her in 2007, The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford. (E)