With Camilla Cabello in the role of Cinderella is confirmed for September 2021 on Amazon Prime | | Cinema entertainment

Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello has been donning her glass shoes since September 3.

The film tells the story of an ambitious young woman whose dreams are bigger than the world allows her, but with the help of her Fairy Godmother (Billy Porter), she is able to make her dreams come true.

The Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello puts on her glass slippers to star in a new version of Cinderella. The decision to choose a Hispanic woman is a significant break with a long tradition of white, generally blonde Cinderellas.

Cabello, a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, also helped write the songs for the film. The project grew out of an original idea by television presenter James Corden.

The announcement was also accompanied by the official poster starring the performer of Havana, who wears a lilac baby dress and wears the glass shoe on her fingers, just like the classic story. Kay Cannon, who has helped break the hollywood mold with female-directed narratives, made her directoring debut in 2018 with the critically acclaimed comedy Blockers, which grossed more than $93 million worldwide.

Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan and Minnie Driver are also in the cast of this new adaptation that can be seen on the platform of streaming Amazon Prime Video since September 3. Good news for a premiere that has undergone countless changes in its release date due to the pandemic. Although the first intention of the studios was that it could be seen in cinemas, the health emergency has precipitated their arrival at a service of streaming.

In the new version it is Cinderella who pulls the strings of the relationship and although there will be a glass shoe, the prince will no longer control the situation as before. The new heroine is no longer submissive and the fairy tale changes to adapt to the new times.

Entertainment Weekly has offered more news about Cinderella. To the announcement of the premiere is added the news that the Fairy Godmother will be a non-binary character, named Fab G and to which will give life the actor Billy Porter, known for his work in the series pose. Cannon wrote this role with the performer in mind and after accepting the job he continued to develop his part, one that he occupies. just twelve minutes of the film’s total footage, but it seems that it will have a strong impact on the audience of the same, in light of the stir organized in social networks after all these changes were announced. Fairy Godmother is no longer a bonachona older woman, she is not even called that, but in the original tales she did not have that appearance either.

The music of the new Cinderella it will be made up of original songs, written for this feature film, and great pop classics. Ellen Mirojnick has been responsible for the costumes and is also in charge of the costumes in the popular The Bridgertons. His is the coat worn by Billy Porter as Fab G and also the winged boots that have been designed in collaboration with Jimmy Choo.


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