with Clara he’s already thinking about the wedding!

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Shakira didn’t want Gerard Piqué to see her as his wife, rather as his fiancée. Different speech than Clara who, on the other hand, would be ready to say “yes”!

While Shakira she’s moving to Miami with her kids Sasha And Milansinging that he would like to go back (highlighting the fact that the door, however, would now be hermetically closed), the people close to Gerard Pique instead they suggest that he would have much else on his mind. The relationship with the girlfriend Clara Chia Marti would be continuing at full speed, so much so that the couple would even be ready to get married!


Not only! The sources also reveal a detail: the future brides dream of a very intimate wedding. The 36-year-old Gerard Pique, now that the story is in the public domain (super-followed by gossip sites from all over the world), he certainly has no more fears in appearing alongside his 23-year-old partner. And it seems that during a dinner at a restaurant, between a kiss and a look full of passion, the two would have spoken, “loud”, of the common desire to become husband and wife. Clara he really would have openly expressed the desire for a very simple family ceremony.


In short, the sharp (and now very ballad) “revenge songs” by Shakira, it seems, they didn’t put her ex’s romance in jeopardy. Who knows if the singer will tell her feelings again in music (if it ever becomes official) in seeing Gerard Pique ready to make Clara his wife. Which she, despite having two children together, has never become… and for a very specific reason!


How come Gerard Pique And Shakira never took the plunge even after becoming parents? Recently, even before discovering the affair with ClaraThe singer said: “Marriage scares me. I don’t want her to see me as his wife, but rather as his girlfriend. It’s like the forbidden fruit speech… I prefer to keep him on his toes, make him think that everything is possible depending on his behavior». Let’s just say things didn’t go quite like that…

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