“With deceptions”: PAN deputy accused Morena of presenting false signatures for the Revocation of Mandate

Jorge Triana again attacked Morena (Photo: Facebook / @ JTrianaT)
Jorge Triana once again attacked Morena (Photo: Facebook / @ JTrianaT)

The federal deputy of the National Action Party (BREAD), Jorge Triana Tena, attacked the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and the collection of signatures that they have led in order to carry out the Revocation of the Mandate in April 2022.

Through his verified Twitter account, the PAN branded the Morena bench as be “disguised” as free citizens, which with alleged deception have wanted to gather signatures so that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) is submitted to the popular consultation next year.

In addition, he accused them of submit false rubrics to the National Electoral Institute (INE), for which he ruled that there is an “obsession” to carry out a “useless, expensive and pamphlet” exercise.

“The morenistas disguised as ‘free citizens’, who with deception they gather signatures to activate the revocation of the mandate, have delivered 399 thousand signatures to the INE, of which 23% are false. They want to shoehorn out a useless, expensive, and cheap exercise. What an obsession ”, he wrote this Monday, November 22.

Triana asserted that the Revocation of the Mandate is a "useless exercise, expensive and planfletero" (Photo: Twitter / @ JTrianaT)
Triana asserted that the Revocation of the Mandate is a “useless, expensive and plan-seeking exercise” (Photo: Twitter / @ JTrianaT)

Despite the figures provided by the multi-member legislator, this day the INE renewed the count and assured that at the cutoff on Sunday, November 21 490,847 signatures have been received, although more than 54,000 have irregularities.

During the weekend, the INE announced that during the first three weeks, there are already 54,433 rubrics with inconsistencies, of which 82,405 are currently in the control table, since they must be reviewed if they will be valid or not.

They were accepted 351,946, since it was verified that the signatory citizens do belong to the Nominal List of Voters. Meanwhile, 2,475 were not approved because they belong to part of the citizens who were not on the register; 4,815 because they were removed from official information; and 4,816 because their data was not found in the system.

In addition, the electoral body announced that 12,585 turned out to be duplicates; while 29,789 were already declared with inconsistencies and were discarded.

Ballot to be used for Revocation of Mandate (Photo: INE)
Ballot to be used for Revocation of Mandate (Photo: INE)

It should be remembered that after the Superior Room of the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Branch (TEPJF) ordered the INE to accept the signatures in printed format and not only through the mobile application, the General Council went through the planned dates, expanding from December 15 to 25 as the deadline for the delivery of the more than 2.7 million signatures required so that the democratic exercise is carried out.

So far, according to official figures, only about 18% of the necessary rubrics have been delivered; However, the electoral authority has not received the printed formats of any of the promoters, so they expect it to be until the last days that the more than 2.2 million signatures in physical formats will be delivered, which could put the INE against the clock. to digitize and validate each one.

Lorenzo Córdova participated in a forum organized by the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, United States (Photo: INE)
Lorenzo Córdova participated in a forum organized by the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, United States (Photo: INE)

The presiding counselor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Lorenzo Cordova Vianello, asked that fgather harassment against the collegiate body, as well as the disqualifications, since it considered that they only promote polarization and intolerance.

During your participation in the panel Stability anchors? The role of electoral authorities in promoting democratic governance, organized by the Kellogg Institute of the University of Notre Dame from Indiana, United States, the doctor of law assured that democracy requires a collective defense before expressions of polarization.

“Let us remember that the path in democracy is not one way, but it can also have setbacks and it is up to all of us to defend it from these anti-democratic and authoritarian regressions. No democracy is the construction of a single man, party or ideology, it is a joint construction and the defense of democracy should also be a shared task, ”he said.


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