With music on the sandbank, the Fiesta del Sol y del Río started in Valle María – Society

Valle María kicked off the eighth edition of the Provincial Festival of the Sun and the River. The event will run until Sunday 16 and takes place in the locality’s Camping Spa.
From the organization they reported that the Sanitary Pass will be required at the entrance to be able to enter.

Elonce TV, visited Valle María and recorded the start of the party. The novelty is that this year they turned a sandbank into a dance and music floor.

“The intention is to adapt and use the spaces that nature gives us,” Lisandro Kranewitter, secretary of the Valle María municipality, told this media.

The official commented that he planned to look for a raft and set up a DJ on it “to play music on the coast during the afternoon and at night the main stage would be respected each year. Due to the great downspout of the river, we set up a structure on the sandbank”, he explained.

During the three days of the party, they will play music from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. With various activities, there will be three days of music and entertainment, a craft beer stand, beach sports and other attractions aimed at young people.

“It is a party that always invites the family and in all editions they have a good time. That is enjoyed and stands out,” he said.

beach sports

Darío Wendler, coordinator of tourism and culture of Valle María, provided details about the sports activities that will take place at the party.

“This Saturday there will be a penalty shootout and beach volleyball tournament. There will also be inflatables for the little ones,” he said. He then added that “the resort is visited by entire families and people of all ages, so we try to prepare activities for all generations.”


This Friday Fahren and Nomeleskatime are presented.

The singer of the musical band Fahren, told this medium that the members of the group are from different parts of the province. “It is the first time that we have presented ourselves and we are very grateful to the municipality for betting on us,” he commented.

“Having the opportunity to open the beach party is something unique,” he said.

For his part, Heraldo de Nomeleskatime, said “we are very happy to be able to go back on stage and because we have been invited to this event as the main band.”

“We do not live from this, but we do it as a moment of friendship and recreation.” The band was formed 15 years ago and they are from Viale. He has two discs published and toured different parts of the country.

– Saturday 15: DJ Taibo from 16:00. At 19:00: Latin Rhythms and Murga Amigachitos. Live bands from 20:00: No Code | The Princes | the groupera
– Sunday 16: DJ Nono from 4:00 p.m. At 7:00 p.m.: Batucada 440 and Comparsa Hovi Verá. Live bands from 20:00: La Sin Nombre | Nico Mattioli | the counter

Admission is $300 per day.

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