With Olya Polyakova and Natalia Mogilevskaya. How Ekaterina Kukhar celebrated her birthday in a luxury Kiev hotel

The husband threw a secret party for Kuhar (Photo: Instagram)

Ukrainian prima ballerina, star of the Dances with Stars project Ekaterina Kukhar loudly celebrated her birthday in one of the Kiev hotels.

The ballerina celebrated her birthday on January 18 with her family in the Maldives. However, after returning to Kiev, she was in for a surprise to celebrate her 39th birthday.

The ballerina’s wife Alexander Stoyanov decided to organize a secret party for her – a grand party in one of the capital’s restaurants at the hotel, where friends and colleagues of the birthday girl gathered.

Stoyanov invited his wife to dinner, asking her to dress beautifully, but Kuhar was not expecting a romantic evening at all, but a luxurious party on the occasion of her birthday.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

“We are having a romantic dinner with you today. I say: Why all this bow ?. He says: I want you to be beautiful. I think, okay, my husband has a new sexual fantasy in 12 years, well, ok, I’ll be beautiful, ”said Kuhar.

Star friends came to congratulate the ballerina on the holiday, including Olya Polyakova, Natalia Mogilevskaya, and Olympic champion Lilia Podkopayeva.

After the celebration, Kuhar made a number of posts on Instagram Stories, showing the many gifts she received that evening. The ballerina has received many luxurious gifts, including items from famous brands such as Louis Vuitton and Coach.

“Friends, I woke up this morning and saw how much you left me yesterday, not only vivid impressions, amazing emotions, your incredible love, but also such a huge number of gifts, flowers that I can’t even imagine how I can carry today. Thank you very much. Love you. You gave me a real holiday yesterday and made an incredible surprise, ”said the star.

Photo: Instagram