With Pinola and Ponzio as headlines, River Plate seeks consecration against Racing at the Monumental

Julián Álvarez is River's most dangerous card (Photo: Telam)
Julián Álvarez is River’s most dangerous card (Photo: Telam)

Came the day. Consecration is just around the corner. Or in the very Monumental. Tonight River plate you can celebrate your 37th title as Argentine soccer champion just by drawing against Racing on Nunez, in the commitment corresponding to the twenty-second date of the Professional League.

The classic is played at the Antonio Vespucio Liberti stadium, with the arbitration of Silvio Trucco and television broadcast of TNT Sports and Fox Sports Premium. The stage is complete in its capacity, as the fans millionaires they quickly used up one hundred percent of the authorized capacity.

The cast of The band is the pointer with 49 units and Workshops, which on Tuesday was thrashed in La Plata by Gymnastics, it stopit in 40, like Defense and Justice, therefore just by matching against the Academy will draw a distance of 10 units on the Cordobans and the Falcon, subtracting nine to be played and he will be champion.

It is nearing completion with the wait for the successful cycle of Marcelo Gallardo. The Doll could finally celebrate his first first division title in the domestic tournament since so far it has conquered five national cups (three editions of the Argentine Cup and two of the Argentine Super Cup), which are added to the seven international titles, totaling 12.

Tonight before Racing, a rival over whom he exercises remarkable paternity and before whom last March he won the Super Cup by thrashing it 5-0 in Santiago del Estero, the Millionaire tries to put the finishing touch to a great remarkable campaign in which he adds 16 undefeated submissions, with 13 wins and three draws.

East River He is not the opulent of previous years, he was shedding figures that made a difference and that led him to win theto Copa Libertadores already play the final that finally lost to Flamengo, on Peru, but Gallant gave it a performance, a dynamic characteristic of its label and featured the appearance of some young figures such as the destabilizing Julian Alvarez, who is today probably the best player in Argentine soccer, more Benjamín Rollheiser, Santiago Simón, Enzo Fernández and Felipe Peña, among others.

Alvarez, with 16 goals, is the top scorer of the contest and with his imminent future in European football is the most destabilizing factor of a team that “recast” and replaced the figures in the best way, with superlative individual and collective performance and winning in all courts.

The cast of Avellaneda is in the antipodes of this River, with a 41% effective. Today its presence in the international cups of the next season is compromised, product of weak efforts of Juan Antonio Pizzi (despite the fact that he played and lost the final of the League Cup against Colón) and the interim Claudio Úbeda.

Now with the arrival of Fernando Gago (which adds four matches with a win and three falls) the Academy He tries to achieve a team appearance based on a style and the performance has improved, but he makes notorious mistakes that almost always culminate in an opponent’s goal and that makes a classification extremely difficult.

For Racing, not entering an international competition would mean a notable sporting and economic failure since without activity on the other side of the borders, it would see its income very limited in 2022 without the dollars that would enter its ark by taking part in Conmebol competitions.

River it does not count with Enzo Perez (left elbow dislocation), Milton Casco and Bruno Zuculini (suspended), but play a historical like Leonardo Ponzio, who achieved promotion to the first division, won 13 titles and has 349 games played (with 10 goals) and is about to retire. What’s more, Javier Pinola is the starter again, already recovered from a dislocation, who beat Jonatan Maidana.

On Racing are discarded Leonardo Sigali (suspended), the Paraguayan Matias Rojas and the chilean Eugenio Mena (torn) and, as usual, Gago just confirmed the team about the time. The news is in the presence of Fabricio Domínguez and Aníbal Moreno, and in the absence among the starters of Lisandro López, who waits between the relays.

Regarding the history River’s supremacy is total in professionalism after 175 games with an advantage of 91 wins against 41 and 43 draws. The Millionaire won the last three classics and the last one by 6 to 1 in Avellaneda for the 2019/2020 Super League.


River plate: Franco Armani; Robert Rojas, Paulo Díaz, Javier Pinola, David Martínez; Santiago Simón, Leonardo Ponzio, Enzo Fernández; Agustín Palavecino; Julián Álvarez and Braian Romero. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

Racing Club: Gabriel Arias, Iván Pillud, Nery Domínguez, Fernando Prado, Fabricio Domínguez, Mauricio Martínez; Aníbal Moreno, Carlos Alcaraz, Tomás Chancalay; Enzo Copetti and Javier Correa. DT: Fernando Gago.

Referee: Silvio Trucco.

Stadium: River Plate.

TV: TNT Sports and Fox Sports Premium.



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