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In the absence of five dates for the great definition of the first promotion to the Professional League, there are still many questions to be answered. Where will it be played? How many fans can there be? The questions were before the summit that took place this Thursday at the Ezeiza property of the AFA and were not resolved after its completion. The only doubt that was cleared is that there will be an audience from Tigre and Barracas Central in the final of the First National. And the rest? Everything will depend on the answer of Aprevide. Let’s see…

The brief statement from Barracas

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Given the inconvenience between the leaders of both clubs to reach an agreement, Marcelo achile (President of Defensores de Belgrano and the Divisional) arranged a summit among representatives of the teams. Who were they? Chiqui Tapia, who is also the former president of Guapo, his son Matias, current priest of the institution of Olavarría y Luna, Ezequiel Melaraña (presi de Tigre), Sergio Gianturco (Temperley’s vice and secretary of the PN) and Gustavo Gomez, head of the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports. However, after more than an hour and a half of talk, many things remained in the pipeline.

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The truth is The meeting will be played this Monday, from 9:10 p.m., and will be with the public. Although the number of tickets is not clear that will be put up for sale. On the one hand, in the Matador they want at least 20,000 tickets. On the other, in Barracas they pretend that they are much less. Everything will depend on the stadium that will be used, since at first there was speculation about the possibility of taking the definition to Arsenal, where the expectation of the public that they have in Victoria cannot be met. For this reason, Melaraña proposed to move everything to Lanús.

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From the National table, Achile offered that it be a field of the category. The names that came up: Quilmes and Morón, two teams that will meet this Sunday in the West for the first eliminatory instance of Reduced for the second promotion to First. Then also they talked about Independiente, Racing and San Nicolás, in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires. Many options, but no fixes.

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In this way, Aprevide will be in charge of making known where it will be played the duel between Tigre and El Guapo. As reported, it will be resolved during this Thursday.

The referees of the final

Referee: Patrick Loustau

Assistant 1: Diego Bonfá

Assistant 2: Maximiliano Delyesso

Fourth official: Ariel Penel

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