With sexy bikini, Yasmin Garcia asks followers to love as they are: PHOTO


Without a doubt, Yanet Garcia it has become one of the personalities to follow in social networksnot only for their beautybut for the messages with that daily seeks to motivate his fans.

During the quarantine, The girl from the weather most famous of Mexico has published an endless number of photos and videos on how to pass the confinement at the side of his boyfriend Lewis Howes and its small perrhija Mamacita.

And this Wednesday was no exception.

In your account of Instagram, Yasmin Garcia took advantage of the hot weather Los Angeles, California, where she currently resides, to show off her statuesque figure with a sexy black bikini and a hat palm for shade from the sun.

The sensual photo of The girl from the weather is accompanied by a brief but powerful message to his followers: Love yourself (Love yourself) with the aims to prove that she is accepted as it is and with the looking for that your fans to do the same.

In the first 25 minutes, the sensual photo of Yanet Garcia already exceeded 76 thousand hearts in Instagram, in addition that it has received hundreds of comments admiring her beauty.

Writing Digital The Herald Mexico