With Soda Stereo, Babasonicos and Bizarrap, they launch the first NFT marketplace of Latin American artists

With an initial investment About US $ 1.2 million, was launched, the first massive platform of digital assets and experiences of CriptoArte in Latin America.

The founding partners of are the brothers Facundo and Manuel Migoya, who later proposed the idea to his father, the CEO and co-founder of Globant, Martín Migoya.

Then it was time to involve the producers Popart Music, Lauría Dale Play Records and Pepo Ferradas.

The platform also has a strategic and investment alliance with Ripio, a pioneer company in the crypto ecosystem of Latin America.

“We started mining with Manu Ethereum on a computer that my old man had given us to play with and we put them to mine night and day. At the beginning of the year, we started with the compus to mine and get into the subject. We start trading and see what’s up. Inevitably we come to NFTs that sell by the millions, blew our minds and we said crazy that digital art is selling for so much money “, explained Facundo Migoya about the beginnings of the project.

“We immediately went to see if there were Latin American artists selling their NFTs. At that time there was basically nothing, we saw it as an opportunity, a market place for Latin American artists can be generated. With this idea formed, we went to see my old man, he gave us his support, we investigated more and in that we came to the conclusion that it is not only a great opportunity for a artists market place but we also realized that it was a way to reinvent the way artists are financed

Unpublished NFTs from Bizarrap and Babasónicos

In a first stage, a curated selection of unpublished and exclusive NFTs will be available from a music artist community totaling nearly 100 million monthly digital listeners, as well as new original works by the most outstanding Latin American plastic artists.

Through original trading cards and songs in an unreleased limited series version, Babasónicos and Bizarrap are the first artists to present in a curated selection of original pieces with market value in the crypto ecosystem.

Coming soon, unreleased songs, personal belongings, photos, designs and digital art from artists like Soda Stereo will be available – Total Thanks, Nicki Nicole, Lali, Camilo, The Fabulous Cadillacs and Getting to Know Russia, as well as plastic artists of the stature of Marta Minujín, photographer Marcos López or graphic designer Alejandro Ros, among many others.

On the first sale of NFT the artist receives 90% of the proceeds, which makes a difference compared to what they get on other platforms, Manuel Migoya remarked in statements to El Cronista.

At, NFTs are also the gateway to a new creative community: for buyers, there will be exclusive face-to-face experiences and surprise events alongside the artists.

Paradigm shift

“NFTs propose a real paradigm shift for the art world and content creators in terms of access and intellectual property. From Ripio, we promote the vision of so that many more people can access the digital collectibles market in the simplest way and have the necessary tools to understand and explore this new economy“, explained Sebastián Serrano, CEO and Co-Founder of Ripio.

“We are very pleased to be part of the project with For this type of platform we developed the Portal digital wallet that will simplify and facilitate the purchase of NFT assets with local currency in all the countries of the region, “Serrano anticipated.

Millionaire market

NFTs sales have totaled more than $ 13 billion globally in 2021, with much of that sum coming in the past two months. In this context, Latin America is the fastest growing region in the music industry: according to IFPI Global Music Report, of the 15.9% growth it had during 2020, digital streaming represents 84.1% of total revenues.

Likewise, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Chile are in the world’s top use of crypto assets. is a platform custom designed and developed by Latin American technological talent, in articulation with a team of blockchain engineers specialized in Solidity.

Millionaire investment

The company received funds in the seed capital stage for US $ 1,200,000 from Newtopia VC, Martín Migoya, Ripio, Alchemy and Riverwood Capital, among other individual investors. The round of investments in series A funds will begin shortly.

The next stages include the introduction of its own digital player and the sale of music as multitracks. That way, creators and producers can monetize their old catalog and new music, giving fans the opportunity to be co-creators and remixers.“Loizaga concluded.

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