With the soloist of VIA Gra. Alekseev showed a new photo with his beloved

Nikita Alekseev and Ulyana Sinetskaya (Photo: Instagram.com/alekseev_officiel)

For the first time in a long time, the Ukrainian performer Alekseev shared a photo on the Web with his lover, a member of the VIA Gra group, Ulyana Sinetskaya.

The artist posted a picture of Sinetskaya on his Instagram. Prior to that, the last joint post on his profile dates from November 21, 2019. Fans began to worry if the couple were together. In February 2020, publications appeared in the media that they broke up. The reason for the worries was the lack of joint photos on the social networks of both performers.

The same photo was posted on her profile by the soloist of VIA Gra. In her account, this is the first shared picture with Alekseev.


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A few days earlier, the singer posted on his profile a romantic video with his beloved. On it, lovers hugged, fooled around, and made plans for 2021.

“ We made our main New Year’s wish. Can you guess which one? ” – the artist asked the subscribers. Commentators suggested that the musicians mean a wedding or replenishment in the family and literally ” bombarded” the beloved with compliments, wishes of love and happiness.


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The romance between Nikita Alekseev (the real name of the performer) and Ulyana Sinetskaya became known after their joint trip to Venice. In June 2019, the couple appeared together at the MUZ-TV award ceremony, and later at the M1 Awards.

Ulyana Sinetskaya is a Russian singer, since 2018 she has been a member of the VIA Gra group. She came to the team at the same time as Olga Meganskaya and for some time they performed together with Erica Herzen. The updated line-up of the group was criticized on the Web, and in November 2020 Meladze again introduced two new members of the trio, leaving only Sinetskaya from the previous line-up.


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