With the U.S. eliminated from the World Cup, Noah Lyles’ speech becomes even more valuable: “What championship?”

With the U.S. eliminated from the World Cup, Noah Lyles’ speech becomes even more valuable: “What championship?”Effie

USA Basketball is always classified as a team unparalleled. Before the start of any tournament, this national team always consider themselves the favorites, despite the current poor form of other opponents.

This doesn’t just happen at the World Cup or the Olympics. superiority American players Moved to the NBA, Also named the best league. But having the best game doesn’t always make you a world champion. That’s what happened to them at the World Cup, where they lost to Germany in the semifinals.

And now, Noah Lyles’ Speech Gets More Powerful. The second athlete after Usain Bolt to win the Triple Crown at the Athletics World Cup (100m, 200m and 4×100 in Budapest) had already criticized the dominance of the American competition a week ago. “You know what hurts me? Watching the NBA Finals And see they have “World Champion” in their minds. What is the world champion? come from America? Don’t get me wrong. I love America sometimes, but we are not the world. This is the world. Here, almost all countries hold up their flags and fight. There are no flags in the NBA,” Noah Lyles said.

NBA players were quick to respond.. “Who can help this brother?” Kevin Durant said. “LLast time I looked, NBA This is the best game in the world” Juan Toscano-Anderson said. “That’s not true,” Tyus Jones added. “Anyway, I’ll smoke in 200m”Aaron Gordon assured with great arrogance.

Now, it’s Durant, Jones or Gordon who has to hide. After the American team was eliminated from the World Cup, social networks began to follow the athlete. “They were upset by what Noah Lyles said and when they really had to prove they were world champions, they didn’t do that. Basketball defeats pride” one user wrote with an “X.” Even the athletics federation tweeted a meme of Lyles.

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