With these measures we are going to die of coronavirus or starve: merchants of Mercatino


From before seven in the morning inspectors of the City hall of Guadalajara rushed to the area of the flea market, The Mercatino to verify that only the installation of traders dedicated to the sale of essential products such as food, fruits, vegetables or groceries.

Trucks loaded with goods coming to the avenida Puerto Melaque and its adjoining streets to place the posts, however, before emptying the vehicles, the inspectors asked what was what they were selling, because if it was not related to the spin non-essential admitted to the national emergency declared this week by the Federal Government, could not be installed.

The more than 50 blocks that measured this tianguis “is the longest in Latin america,” they looked semi-emptyalthough the inspectors tried to gather the traders dedicated to the sale of prepared food, food and grocery.

“The inspectors and the government makes them easy to take off because they are still receiving a salary, we don’t”

The officials walked around the different streets with cans of gel antibacterial on hand to offer a little to the sellers, while they watched only the sale of the commodities allowed.

However, there were merchants who tried to challenge them by putting all the forms, hoping that the turn around could show their products before making them put the tarp over it to hide them on his return. Fans, furniture, cages, decorations, and other “chit-chats” were waiting to be shown to the public.

“It seems to us that the policy of not letting us sell is not well-planned. We need to eat, we have families to support and if we don’t sell I don’t know how we’re going to do. Or we die of coronavirus or we die of hunger”said one of the vendors that stood in a corner with a group of merchants who were not allowed to be installed.

“The inspectors and the government makes them easy to take off because they continue to receive a salary, not us. They said they were going to give props but nor can you enter to the page to sign up. The people of all ways keep coming back and continue to be gathered in the posts,” said another of the merchants who sought to sell rods for fishing.

Late morning some of the positions were able to be installed despite the ban of the inspectors, who came to us to ask them to stop selling or they decomisaría the merchandise, but the vendor only responded by raising their voice replicating phrases similar to the above.



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