“With your cleavage, I thought you were open”: Enora Malagre confides on “her big married pigs” who dredged him in TPMP


Columnist in TPMP for several years, Enora Malagre decided in 2017 to leave the ship to devote herself to other projects. An experience during which she also had moments of embarrassment.

A lifelong friend of Cyril Hanouna, the columnist was an integral part of TPMP’s first steps on C8 for seven years. Seven years during which Enora Malgaré laughed, cried, cried… and many other mixed emotions. And if she decided to leave the big family of the show, it is in particular for a general fed up.

Invited by Jarry in his show broadcast on Youtube, the pretty blonde notably mentioned her embarrassing moments when she was dredged live on the set. And this, on several occasions. As she confides, a woman and especially “a lot of boys” tried it out with Enora Despite, ” I will say, without lying to you, a good ten.” Before actually saying what she thought about it, “And it does not. are not small stars but big level, big well-married pigs “. Still very angry, when the comedian asks her if she has already followed up on one of them, the answer is clear: ” But is it not going or what? Already I find it presumptuous, I think it’s disgusting. It’s amazing to allow yourself that “.

And to prove her disgust at the situation, Enora Malagré wanted to tell about a situation that really outraged her, ” In addition, I had one who I think is used to, who has a lot of conquests. He is married and he didn’t understand that I could say ‘no‘ He gave me this sentence: ‘But anyway!  On the set with your big cleavage, I thought you were mega open.’ “… Before giving some details on his identity” He is an actor and a singer. “. Nothing more, the former columnist wishes to keep it a secret.

A situation that the latter still does not understand, “  there was more than one. And again, I am not Sharon Stone. Imagine the bombshell TV hosts what they get … “We can imagine, yes.