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Without mods, fan manages to play as a Grunt in the Halo campaign

It seems the Covenant may have a traitor walking among them in Halo 2, as a fan recently demonstrated a glitch that makes his teammate appear as a Grunt. Known in their native language as Unggoy, the Grunts are the weakest Covenant troops that players will encounter in Halo games. Grunts often appear in battle in large numbers, armed with a plasma pistol or the occasional needler.

Halo games are frequent hosts of bugs. Since the very first game, players have discovered a number of glitches ranging from minor to game-changing to fun. In the original Halo, another glitch allows all weapons (except plasma pistols and rifles) to reload if the player swaps an empty weapon for another, wait, and pick up the original weapon again. Even the latest installment in the series, which has yet to be released, featured an inappropriate celebratory glitch involving bots in the Halo Infinite teaser. Halo 2 It’s not without its flaws: a famous glitch allowed players to pilot the massive Phantom warships, with the ability to increase speed and access to the main plasma cannon.

Reddit user Notsilvally recently posted a short video showing a bug in Halo 2 that allows players to respawn after death as a Grunt. Players can glitch in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which has been getting updates like the graphic fixes from the first Halo for a long time. The user glitch during the Outskirts mission, the second mission of the campaign. Notsilvally begins by unceremoniously throwing a plasma grenade at his ally, killing him and forcing him to wait for him to reappear. But the player does not let this happen immediately. By making melee attacks at every opportunity, the player prevents his ally from appearing next to him. Once Notsilvally reaches the hallway in the early part of the level, attacking melee along the way, the ally reappears in front of him as the lowest ranked Covenant soldier. The Grunt can even fire its plasma pistol.

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With regular updates to the Master Chief Collection, and Halo 2 Also, this bug could be fixed, but the launch of Infinite in November will bring news to the series. Developer 343 Industries has mentioned that it is researching an increased number of players for The Master Chief Collection, which could allow matchmaking rooms to be expanded beyond the 16-player limit. The team has also mentioned that the expansion could lead to major issues – regarding gameplay and hardware – if implemented haphazardly. Having between 40 and 60 players on the classic Halo maps would take the series beyond what it has achieved thus far.

Players keep discovering details and features of Halo 2, which shows that the game – and other Halo installments – continue to stand the test of time, especially when it comes to their campaigns and multiplayer matchmaking modes. Although 343 Industries plans to cancel the multiplayer servers for Halo games for Xbox 360 in late 2021, The Master Chief Collection will keep the online legacy of those maps alive for the foreseeable future, and that could result in certain glitches continuing to entertain.

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