Wolf haircut – September haircut: sensual, feminine and easy to wear.

haircut september 2023
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The wolf haircut is a haircut to try in September to say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn with more energy.

In most cases after summer hair is always dry and brittle, especially at the tip level. For this reason cut off a few inches and take advantage pamper yourself in a new way this is one of the “magic rites” of September for millions of women.

In most cases we aim to reduce as little as possible, both to maintain length and because growing hair often takes time, patience and great care.

Besides even fashion has returned to full volume, slightly exposed, which increases the thickness of the hair, making it thicker.

But September too a month of feverish return to winter rhythms, so whatever we desire cut that is easy to wear and style. In a word, we want Wolf Neck!

All the features of Wolf Cut

“Wolf haircut” became famous thanks to Jenna Ortega actress who played Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series, which was a resounding success last year. It’s about very soft cut which provides large volumes around the head and smaller volumes around the neck.

The cut is coming trim carefully with scissors avoiding decimation techniques that minimize volumes, eventually resulting in their flattening. In most cases he’s moving and very similar to beach waves so that every summer we feel free and beautiful.

haircut wolf haircut september
Different ways to wear wolf cut fringes – modaeimmagine.it

Who is the wolf haircut suitable for?

The wolf cut is suitable mainly for those who have square or round face because it visually lengthens the shape of the face and, in the case of a square face, softens stiffer profiles. Also pairs perfectly with rectangular face Why increases lateral volume making the proportions of the face more harmonious.

In most cases Wolf haircut is worn with a bang-curtain, like the one that Jennifer Lopez turned into a true trademark. These bangs look great on short faces (round or square) but are not recommended on very long faces because they expose the forehead. In the latter case it is better to choose disheveled, but full bangs, to hide a slightly high forehead.

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