Wolves infected with bird flu: No problem eating fish

One of the concerns that has arisen after the positive case of avian influenza was confirmed yesterday in a sea lion colony concerns the consumption of fish.

In this sense, the commune’s Minister of Health Andrea Perestiuk told tenecochea “There is no limit in this regard,” so dietary fish consumption should not be affected.

Likewise, Roque Bruno is responsible for fish shop Santa Cecilia told this newspaper that according to Gustavo Fioramonte’s investigation, the fish had no blood, only lymph, and were not contaminated, which is similar to the red fish incident that happened in our city many years ago. Tides affect molluscs but not fish.

Senasa advises against handling dead animals or animals showing suspicious symptoms. Likewise, producers, institutions, and the public are reminded that notification is mandatory if high mortality, neurological, digestive, and/or respiratory symptoms in susceptible species are found in wild birds or in commercial or backyard poultry.

It is also advised not to travel to poultry farms or wildlife habitats or handle them after exposure to dead animals or symptoms.

notification channel

go to the office Senasa Nearest phone: 11 5700 5704; via the mobile device app ‘Notify Senasa’ available on the Play Store; write an email to (email protected); or via the ‘Notify Senasa’ section on the agency’s website.

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