Woman is burned alive in quarantine; I don’t want your husband to hit again


A woman was a victim of her husband during a good time and are now in the quarantine that has been generated in the world by Covid-19 has caused many relationships to go through serious problems.

A tragic story he lived in Iraq. A woman of 20 years was a victim of her husband, who way serious beatings and not allowed to see his family in this quarantine by coronavirus.

The woman who was totally desperate not found another way to end with the martyrdom that he lived to take his life, yes, it was the only way that he used to end his suffering.

But it was a cruel death that he suffered this young man, as it decided to catch fire and end your life. The man who was his partner apparently was present, but did nothing to help her.

He was a member of his family who did everything to save the young, which after apagarle the fire, was to take her to the hospital, but he was unable to rescue the woman with life.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico


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