Women are always faithful in the stage of conquest, the man does not


The men go out with many people during the stage of conquest, while the woman with only one at a time.

In an interview for radio, the specialist in couples Leonel Castellanos, admitted that during the stage of the conquest of the man comes with many people, while women are always faithfulso only do one at a time.

This is the moment when they take advantage of to get to know all women who can, being totally opposite to them, which seems to exalt the person they are dealing with and you spend all of your time destined to meet people.

How faithful in the stage of conquest? Or joke

Also, the author of the book The effect Leopi and also lecturer explained that while there is not a commitment, the man does not have the slightest intention of respecting something that does not yet exist, and therefore recommends to women do the same thing.

“If we have not spoken of fidelity and of walking, we’re going to give fidelity”
Leonel Castellanos, lecturer.

In this regard, he said that usually in the first meeting with someone, the men observed a lot of women that liked them and that’s why they think that they will be the same. Therefore, he advises that if they like a guy they are seeing at least three or four times straight in the eyes.

If there is a human near, you have to talk with him

And according to Castellanos, they do not think that it is a dare, but of interest, and then will ignite the focus to figure out and get closer. A tip for this to take place, is to start to make the conversation to all the people who are a metre away from us and thus begin to lose the fear.

In addition, a more in-depth at all men wishing, if possible, and go discarding according to what they seek in a partner, and not grant him all his time to a single person because it is always your plans will be much more important than any other thing.