Women with symptoms of COVID-19 is collapsed in the streets of Tecamachalco while waiting for medical help


Lomas de Tecamachalco, colony divide between Naucalpan and Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, became a trend on the night of April 16, after a woman collapsed in the street with symptoms of coronavirus and he was allegedly assisted by the health authorities for five hours after a request for help.

Through social networks reported a woman lying in a garden under the shade of a tree. Who recorded the video assures in the first instance you have trouble breathing and decided to stop to provide assistance.

“We are here in Tecamachalco. This is a real situation, I stopped to help her, now comes the ambulance, the authorities are helping us. Stay in your home, keep your distance. This lady uses public transportation, lives alone, has not been in contact with someone ill or who has traveled. It is already everywhere,” narrated the woman in charge of the relief.

The scene it happened on avenue of The Woods and avenue of The Fountainswhere a woman of about 30 years left the house where supposedly works, to ask for help for a respiratory failure, fever, and cough, clear symptoms of the disease COVID-19.

First came some members of the municipal police to monitor and accompany, separated by several meters, to the lady, who lay sprawled on the grass. The paramedics of the Municipal Institute of Health Care in Naucalpan flocked to the area hours later to offer help to the woman. The first was to provide the patient with safety equipment such as mask, face shield and a gown, disposable.

In the videos can be seen at the lady, with great gestures of despair at being unable to breathe on multiple occasions. In addition, not stop coughing while they last recordings from a cell phone.

The transfer of the woman was nearly five hours of waiting later, according to the data of The Universal. The patient was transferred to respiratory problems in an ambulance of the Red Cross of Huixquilucan the clinic 194 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Gustavo Baz, Naucalpan.

“We can see how you have a respiratory illness, has the breathing to be compromised. The good thing is that it has an oxygen level of 92%. Right now, the paramedic indicated to me that it has 39 of temperature and symptoms compatible with the clinical picture of COVID-19. Already the go to channel to the nearest hospital. This lady deteriorated very quickly, not being able to breathe went out to ask for help. Not to cough. This is serious, people have to do a conscience,” reflected the woman that she recorded the videos.

In the country, the numbers for infections of coronaviruses continue to increase. During the latest press conference of the health sector in the National Palace, CDMX, it was revealed that State of Mexico remains the second place in the infection.

Nationally there is a total of 6,297 patients confirmed, as well as fatalities increased to 486. Cases suspects, on the other hand, 12,340while the negatives are 26,511. Until the moment there is a total of 45,148 people surveyed, reported José Luis Alomía, Director General of Epidemiology SSa.

In the State of Mexico there are a total of 695 patients with confirmed disease COVID-19, in addition to 1,107 patients to wait for the results, 1,920 cases negative and 46 deaths.

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