Women’s fashion: Georgina Rodriguez is the new face of Guess

COZENZA – Georgina RodrVgez it is an icon of unsurpassed elegance. Considered the modern-day Cinderella – she met the great love of her life, football player Cristiano Ronaldo, while working as a saleswoman in a clothing store – she is an Instagram star and on every red carpet conquers the flashes of the world’s most talented photographers.

Born in Buenos Aires in January 1994 and mother of two to Alana Martina born in 2017 and Bella Esmeralda born in 2022, the star has returned to the media spotlight due to the fact was selected as a review for Guess. The brand, founded in 1981, combines different stylistic codes. In just a few years, he became famous for his ability to perfectly combine Hollywood glamor and the elegance of a European country that has always stood out for its sophistication: France.

Campaign featuring RodraVgez, For an example of a one-of-a-kind empowerment for women, see creative direction by Paul Marcianoone of the co-founders of the brand, as well as a creative director. signed regarding shots, Nimoy Benati30 years old, and has been in high demand with big brands for some time now.

The goal of the campaign, filmed at a hotel in Madrid, was to perpetuate a behind-the-scenes look at a planetary star like Rodriguez.

The Hotel Santo Mauro, one of the most glamorous hotels in the Spanish capital, was chosen precisely for the exclusivity of its interiors, whose style is a delightful balance between past and present.

During the interviews he gave to talk about the campaign, Georgina RodrVGuess said he is thrilled with the collaboration and loves Guess clothing. as they make her feel relaxed and sensual, expressing the concept of timeless elegance.

This is a perfect description of the essence of a brand that, in over 40 years of history, has managed to innovate and tell the evolution of modern femininity like few other fashion houses.

In addition to clothing, Guess offers many accessories. The main ones are glasses. Pastel-coloured lenses, butterfly or square frames, from black to multicolour: it’s about a world that winks, reinventing them, to the stylistic codes of different decades, from the 80s to the first moments of the third millennium.

Kaleidoscopic, dramatic, discreet and perfect for a formal evening and for a look to which you seek to add a touch of elegance that always has its reason: Guess glasses are all this and more, accessories that have been showcased for decades by some of the most famous and sensory models of the world.

Where to buy Guess glasses

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