Women’s printed swimsuit: Gigi Hadid’s trend 2023

with many celebrity is on vacationit was only a matter of time before the tacit competition for the title began the most beautiful bikini of summer 2023.

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WITH Dua Lipa pointing to polka dots Hailey Baldwin which restarts with a two-section fluorescent Kendall Jenner who bets on one shoulder wins Gigi Hadid. Thanks to the suit ethnic Print, with which he launches the most popular trend of the season. Simple silhouette but sophisticated fantasy: here’s why everyone likes it and it’s good.

Gigi Hadid fashion icon in bikini summer 2023

Simplicity, especially this year, pays off. To prove it Gigi Hadidwhile relaxing in a secret tropical location where she showed off a series of bikinis that have already gone viral. Among all, the designer swimsuit with an ethnic geometric print is most appreciated. Tropic C. Victoria’s Secret angel brand Candice Swanepoel’s design is simple. two pieces with a triangle and panties with lacing on the sides. What makes it truly unique is fantasycolorful and in perfect color harmony, which re-proposes the shades of the sunset under the aesthetics chic batik.

star holiday outfit _360036658_1435438583962745_71530207063821530_n

Gigi Hadid costume from her Instagram profile @gigihadid

Ethnic print: a trend for everyone

they will be me colors so captivating or the opportunity to be pampered by choice model a bikini or a more flattering one-piece. But suits printed with ethnic fantasies, bohemian, sometimes geometric and other abstract – a real must-have for the summer of 2023. There are several brands that now “specialize” in this style, all with different approaches to the theme. There are those who focus on causes and vintage silhouettesHow heavy manners. Who conquered Kendall Jenner, Paloma ElsesserHailey Baldwin and beyond, thanks to her irresistibly nostalgic charm.


Paloma Elsesser from @heavymanners Instagram profile

And there are brands that have made oriental motifs and competently combined the nuances with their trademark. like italian Etro and American Zimmermann. Whose bikini i am so much recognizable how versatile, suitable for any figure and armochromatic season.

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Completing a series of labels that only stars know (so far) and are easy to fall in love with on social media. To name a few: Lauren Perrin, Inalbis, Frankie Bikini AND Framework. All the names to discover, study and show off, being aware of not only the summer trend, but also celebrity endorsed brand.


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