Won 73.8 million euros in Triugio

The lucky winner has just won a €2 bet made online on March 25th.

Won 73,808,593.28 million by playing 2 euros in SuperEnalotto. Lucky lives in Triugio.

Won €73.8 million

The only thing known about the lucky bettor is that he is a resident of Tregasio and that the bet was made “online” on Saturday 25 March. The winnings were cashed out just a few days ago and the news has been circulating ever since. For the first time in the Superenalotto, the number 6 came up with a €2 ticket played online.

The lucky winner thus won a good 73.8 million euros, hitting the winning line-up: 4, 15, 26, 27, 72, 82 with Jolly 89 and Superstar 12. Superenalotto rules stipulate that the jackpot winner must present a winning receipt. the winning bid within the 90th day after the publication of the official bulletin at one of the Sisal Awards offices in Milan or Rome.

14.6 million go to the state

Approximately 14.6 million jackpots won on March 25 will return to the state treasury: this is the effect of a “luck tax”, which, as explained by Agipronews (the first telematics periodical news agency dealing with the world of betting), provides for the withdrawal of 20 percent calculated on a part winnings in excess of 500 euros. In fact, tregasino brought home 59 million net. The same winner also guessed the “4” point.

Scored three “sixes” this year

As Agipronews always reminds us, this is the second six in 2023: the previous jackpot dates back to February 16 last year, when the highest prize in the history of the game was drawn, a €371.1 million win, centered on the system’s message board. thanks to the “Una Buona Stella” system worth 450 euros, divided into 90 coupons of 5 euros each, to win around 4 million euros for each player. In June, with a €1 ticket played in Teramo, €42.5 million was won. As of June, since the creation of the SuperEnalotto, there have been 128 wins with the number “6”.

The full service is published on Karate Magazine at newsstands from Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

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