Wonder Woman, James Gunn will include Diana Prince in the future of the DCU

James Gunn has given another update to Wonder Woman fans, explaining that the superheroine has been included in the future of the DCU and could appear sooner than expected.

There is no respite for the DC universecompletely overwhelmed by the arrival of James Gunn And Peter Safran at the top. Both co-CEOs of the DC Studios, have drawn a clear line outlining what will happen in the next ten years on the big screen. The intention is to create a stable connection between DC entertainment products between cinema, television and video games. And, in between, some branches were cut including Wonder Woman 3 starring Gal Gadot. Yet, regarding Diana Prince, James Gunn has released a new update giving hope to fans.

James Gunn on Wonder Woman: Could be back very soon

Not long ago, James Gunn had revealed to fans that he has never ruled out the involvement of Gal Gadot from the DC universe. Indeed, according to the director he even met the actress to discuss his future. What is certain is that at the moment the third Wonder Woman film with Patty Jenkins director has been rejected, so it will never happen. But that doesn’t mean Diana Prince has been left out of upcoming DC projects. This is confirmed once again by James Gunn, who exploits Twitter to launch major updates like the one involving Gal Gadot. The director answered a question from a concerned fan who asked about the character. To the question “Is there a place for Wonder Woman in your future plans?”, the co-president answered yes. To the second, even more promising question, “Will she be sidelined for a long time?”, she retorted no.

That’s both good news for Wonder Woman fans. According to his words, James Gunn has no intention of filing the character of Gal Gadot and therefore could bring her back to the cinema (or on TV) very soon. How is not known at the moment. To date, James Gunn has made known his intentions, which is to build a first phase of the DCU entitled Gods and monsters. Among the first superheroes involved Supermanwhich will no longer have the features of Henry CavillAnd Batman. Meanwhile The Flash is coming to the cinema and will prepare the DC universe for a new narrative launch.

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