Wonder Woman, the open-world DC heroine emerges from the shadows

what from amazing woman was one of the surprise announcements from The Game Awards 2021, although the game has since disappeared from the radar.

DC Comics superhero fans after games like Injustice 2 Legendary Edition (which you can find at a special price on Amazon) in fact, there was no more news about a separate album dedicated to her.

After this announcement, many hoped to see heroin in action soon, but were soon disappointed.

However, now, as also reported game radarone concept art From amazing woman allegedly accidentally leaked to the network.

Developer Monolith Productions actually posted the game’s cover art on their profile. LinkedInas picture on cover

Of course, once fans started sharing the blurry image, the developer removed it, but traces of it can still be found online, causing a stir among DC superhero fans.

As seen in the tweet above, the concept art shows Diana (aka Wonder Woman) alongside two other versions of the heroine: one in an Amazon costume and the other in futuristic armor.

We already know that Monolith will feature an original story set in the DC Universe, so it won’t follow the events seen in the Gal Gadot movies (and maybe that’s for the best).

While it’s probably just a coincidence, some fans are speculating that we might learn more about the game during today’s Opening Night Live presentation on Igromkom 2023but don’t take it for granted.

amazing woman it will be an open-world action-adventure game starring, obviously, the beloved superheroine of the Long Range Competition. It will be a single player adventure without any multiplayer elements (but with the Nemesis system).

The story will be original and will take place in the DC Comics narrative universe (a bit like the next Suicide Squad game), where Diana will have to fight to reunite her family of Amazons and the people of the modern world.

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