Wonderful Summer, review of the film by Laura Lucchetti


Cinema, like literature, allows us to discover unknown worlds and come into contact with ever new realities that, although far from ours, hide their traces. reflection of our life. And that’s ambition Laura Luchetti what’s wrong Wonderful summer displays on the big screen female coming of age story in which every woman will not have difficulty identifying herself and grasping common sense. Film presented at Locarno Film Festival and released in theaters on August 24, it is based on the novel of the same name Cesare Paveseone of the greatest (and most torturous) writers of twentieth-century literature, who published his work in a collection of the same name, for which he received the Strega Prize in 1950.

No one Wonderful summer young and promising talents appear, especially in the roles of the main characters Yile Yara Vianellopraised for her performance in Heavenly bodyand newbie Maid of Casseldaughter Vincent Cassel AND Monica Bellucci. Among the translators it is also worth mentioning Nicolas Maupasplayed a role Philip Ferrari in the famous series Sea outside.

The cast also includes Alessandro Piavani, Adrian Devitt, Cosima Centurioni, Gabriele Graham Gasco, Anna Bellato AND Andrea Bosca.

Wonderful Summer – Plot

Turin, 1938. Sixteen year old Ginia (Yile Vianello) looks into her future with confident hope and, like all teenagers, dreams of great love. Having recently moved from the village to the city, she leads a quiet and carefree life, dividing her time between friends, her brother and her work as a seamstress in a tailor shop. However, his muted peace will soon be shattered by the arrival of Amelia (Virgin Cassel), a model who introduces her to the artistic circles of bohemian Turin. The meeting between them will prove decisive for Ginia, who has a long summer ahead of her. an inner journey through your feelings and desires.


Ginia’s small world

Ginia is still too young to understand the world and too naive to despise it. His feelings are sincere, like the natural light of the sun, and intense, like the colors of summer. All his confidence lies in the microcosm he lives in, which consists of boat rides with friends and moments spent with his dear brother. Severino, dedication to his work in the studio. Shy, reserved, reserved, Ginia listens to her thoughts, sees their nuances, identifies their contrasts, without ever revealing herself. Life seems to her simple in its expressions and easily understandable if it is connected with her value system. However, his little world will be rocked by his meeting with Amelia.a girl a little older than her, so different from everyone she had met so far.

Wonderful summer

Wonderful summer – bohemian Turin

Sensual and daring, Amelia exposes her body to the prying eyes of not very talented painters in exchange for a small reward. The paintings in which she is depicted perhaps better express her true essence, which remains mysterious and unsolved. Thanks to her, Ginia comes into contact with the bohemian environment of Turin, consisting of cafes and attics where expendable artists depict improvised models. This is where Jinia’s journey begins. an educational journey through the consequences of love, disappointments, through the discovery of one’s own body, which is transformed and rebuilt, taking on a new form. A journey that leads to self-awareness, to the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Well thought out work from an aesthetic point of view

A story of hopes, forgotten desires, lost and re-found friendships, broken and reunited loves, secrets revealed and then hidden, history a teenager who wants to grow up but soon learns how painful it is to become a woman. Wonderful summer Luchetti is an aesthetically well-crafted work: the film’s charm lies primarily in the photography, which demonstrates the skillful use of light to highlight faces and perspectives; in a pleasant sound accompaniment of the visual message, providing new tools for understanding; and in the care of costumes. Introspective character studies don’t always dig deep and reveal the thoughts, torments, and intentions of the main characters. The choice is likely dictated by the novel’s descriptive style. However, Yile Vianello’s superb interpretation, accompanied by the charming Deva Cassel, manages to give her character three-dimensionality and emotionally involve the viewer.

Wonderful Summer – In Conclusion

Wonderful summer Overall, this is an enjoyable film characterized by a smooth and linear pacing. An all-female story exploring the transition from adolescence to adulthood., that delicate moment when you take new paths to discover yourself and your body. Luchetti’s intention to create a bridge of dialogue between the viewer and the characters is achieved primarily through visual language, a wonderful soundtrack and excellent interpretation of the main characters. A film that is definitely worth watching, which allows us to reread from a different point of view a great work of Italian literature, as defined by its author himself. “The Story of a Virginity That Protects Itself”.

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