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“It was a dream come true to be told the origins of Willy Wonka”, The words of one who understands, Paul Kingthe man who made it real paddington, a teddy bear with the suitcase symbol of England, in two films, one cuter than the other. Now, after a long hiatus, it’s time to show the world Wonka, or rather how the most magical chocolate factory ever was born.

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There are two film versions of the original story written by Roald Dahl, one of the greatest authors of children’s literature of all time, starring Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp as the chocolate maker. Here he has to play his character in his youth. Timothée Chalamet,

,I couldn’t have found anyone better than him.” King said during a London trailer presentation event, where Siak was present. and from the first images of the film, which will be released In cinemas on 15 Decemberhero of dune It seems that he was born to wear shoes.

Willie arrives out of nowhere in the town where the world’s best cocoa artists work, determined to open his own factory, but will be put to work by jealous competitors. Wonka is a film that, despite its very classic setting, speaks to youth in a very modern way, just like Diptych. paddington,

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In this case too, Paul King spared no expense in finding the greatest of British talents to support the protagonist. Olivia Coleman, Rowan Atkinson, jim carter (Butler Mr. Carson) Downton Abbey) and then, as Willie’s mother”Sally HawkinsWho responded to the proposal with his extraordinary sweetness”, And of course an Oompa Loompa can’t disappear, so”a naturally ass actor needed (Smith’s word version). I thought about it, then I said to myself ‘of course’! and i called Hugh Grant”,

We look forward to learning more soon, given that it is Today Tuesday 11 July publication is expected official trailer of the movieWhich was already the real surprise of the recent CinemaCon and which we hope will be able to win us over like Wonka, seems to have reassured those lucky ones who already saw it in preview at very secretive overseas test screenings. able to appreciate.

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