Wood glue, mosquito protection for up to fertilizer, apparently, So Material Miras Oplosan on the grounds of This home-based page all of the


YOGYAKARTA,KOMPAS.com- The ranks of the Satresnarkoba Polres Gunungkidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, disassemble the system to be tampered with at home is suspected, the manufacture of alcohol.

In a raid on Friday (28/2/2020), the police also have a wood glue, insect repellent and items not often on the other, the used, allegedly, for the dispensing of beverages. found

Resnarkoba Polres Gunungkidul PPA Tri Wibowo, naked, the disclosure of which in this case, reports of suspicious activities in a house belonging to started S in the village of Sidorejo, sub-District Ponjong said.

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On the spot, the police found 45 empty bottle inscribed Island, 13 empty bottle, 45 bottle of flattened empty.

In addition, the police is also the Transport of 1 bag of NPK fertilizer, 1 pack of wood glue, and 39 tablets medicine electric mosquito.

“When we come, the owner is not there, and this place was empty. The location allegedly used for the manufacture of miras oplosan, and we’re still doing an investigation,” Tri said, if by telephone Tuesday (1/3/2020).

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In the house of its inhabitants had left since last week, was held to be falsified, the police, the rest of the alcohol.

Up to this point, the police do not know the length of the home factory of the production of miras oplosan, it is already wrong, because it is very closed.

“The evidence we already have for sure. It is not a complaint, when in fact, there is certainly we do further investigation. For owners, we will always find his whereabouts,” said Tri.

Head of public Relations Sub Polres Gunungkidul, Iptu enny bed & Only Widiastuti said, if the attack is carried out by the officers in an attempt to secure conditions.

The police will continue to raid the liquor in Gunungkidul just shortly before the elections of 2020.