Woody Harrelson makes the hilarious and irreverent parody of the film with Brendan Fraser (VIDEO)

SNL parodied the film by Darren Aronofsky The Whale in his latest episode, making fun of Brendan Fraser for the bulk of his character, an obese professor who weighed 300 kilos.

The sketch begins when the director of an upcoming film, titled The Hippo, tells his cast of four – including guest Woody Harrelson, who played Keith, an actor who earned £450 to play the lead – that the project it wouldn’t go on. Woody Harrelson’s chaotic “SNL” monologue features Covid Cracks; Scarlett Johansson surprises the host in a Five-Timers club jacket.

Poor Keith was appalled by his co-star’s tiny complaints, when he said he consumed a loaf of gristle for six months to gain £450, not knowing he’d be able to get away with wearing a fat suit. Harrelson wore a grease suit for the sketch.

The director later reveals that The Hippo was canceled because it had almost the exact same script as The Whale, leaving Keith unable to play the role in an upcoming Marvel movie now that he’s overweight.

“I think that train has now passed – he sentences – I’m not exactly in the shape of the X-Men right now.”

You can see the full sketch below!

We remember The Whale was presented at the last Venice Film Festival, where it was acclaimed by the public, who also reserved a heartfelt standing ovation of over six minutes to a very excited Fraser. The film focuses on the personal vicissitudes of Charlie (Brendan Fraser), a college professor from over 300 kilos in weight who lives as a recluse at home. Plunged into this condition after the death of his partner, Charlie continues to let off steam about food and conducts his lessons exclusively online with the webcam off, limiting any interaction with the outside world as much as possible.

After an ominous diagnosis and the realization of how little he has left to live, Charlie decides to reconnect with Ellie (Sadie Sink), the teenage daughter he hasn’t seen for many years. The newfound presence of her daughter in her life will be an opportunity to dig into Charlie’s memories and traumas, in search of alast chance for redemption.

The Whale was directed by Darren Aronofsky and is the film adaptation of thehomonymous play written by playwright Samuel D. Hunter. In addition to Brendan Fraser, the cast of the film also includes Sadie Sink, Hong Chau, Samantha Morton And Ty Simpkins. The film is now in theaters with The Wonder Pictures.

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Source: SNL

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